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 .:The High School RP:.

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Comrade Disintergator

Comrade Disintergator

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.:The High School RP:. Empty
PostSubject: .:The High School RP:.   .:The High School RP:. EmptySun May 01, 2011 11:34 pm

The day is a dreary one, an overcast blotting out the sun which shined over most other parts of New Hampshire. It was humid out, and a stickiness seemed to hang onto the air, that made it hard to breathe in deeply.

School was just beginning, the first day of it in fact, and as students chattered cheerfully with each other, cramming into the dark green doors of the tan school, the first bell rang, signalling that it was eight, and the students had five minutes to get to homeroom. The lockers of the school were a dark green, and the plaster walls of the school were a muted baby blue. The floor was a black and white checkered linoleum.

As students rushed to their lockers, caught up with friends they had not contacted over the summer, some freshmen looked at schedules with wiled eyes, and worried faces. Kids began to fill the seats of their homerooms, and they began to chatter quietly amongst themselves.

Rue ran down the street, messenger back slapping against her thigh, and her eyeliner smudged from the sweat that has appeared around her eyes and on her forehead. She ran up to the freshman door, just as the teacher on the other side slammed it shut. The door gave a mocking click, as Rue walked away in frustration.

Her hands shook, because of her nerves. Today was her first day of High school, and she was late. She knew that the teachers would already get a bad impression of her, when in actuality, she was an alright student. She circled around the school, and pushed through the double doors, going over to the office.

"Name?" The secretary said in a voice that had been corrupted by smoking far to many cigarettes, and yelling at kids to stop running by her office.

"R-Rue..." Rue stammered, forgetting to give her last name, as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her pale hand.

"Here. You're lucky there is only one Rue here, or else I would have needed a last name." The secretary said, pushing a small slip of paper at Rue.

Rue took it, and wandered away from the office, studying her schedule. Mounting the stairs, she whistled a tune to herself, which quickly deteriorated to just a bunch of noises strung together by her quick, uncertain breaths. She walked into her homeroom, and took the only available seat, which was right up front by the teacher's desk.

"You're late." The teacher said, as he wiped off his thick glasses.

"I-I kn-know...the d-door closed and I h-had to go around..." Rue stammered growing very red, and wishing she could evaporate into the muggy air.

"Detention. You freshmen need to learn fast." The older man said, saying freshman the same way someone would say 'used condom.'

Rue sunk back into her chair, and began playing with her hair. She knew no one in the room, and she felt more isolated than ever. She hoped the rest of the day would be better, because so far, things were not getting off to a good start.
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.:The High School RP:. Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:The High School RP:.   .:The High School RP:. EmptyMon May 02, 2011 10:21 pm

Eddie grunted as the bus skidded to a stop in front of the highschool, and he turned off his Thunderstone CD.

"Get the hell off the bus, kids!" the bus driver shouted. They didn't need to be told. Eddie grabbed up his backpack, and headed into the building, a devilish smile on his face. He had pulled a prank, busted into the school the night before, and he couldn't wait to see how it would unfold. As he walked into the school building and found his classroom, he sat down in eager anticipation. It was French, and the teacher began to call role. She got to Eddie's name and faltered. The teachers all knew his name, and they dreaded him. Mrs. Angelle was afraid the boy would be in her class, and right then that nightmare had become a reality.

"Edgar Van Petra," she said slowly, ruefully.

"Right here," Eddie said, raising the horns with his left hand. She finished role, and began introducing the students to her class.

"Alright, students, welcome to French class. I'm Mrs. Angelle, et j'espère que vous avez une bonne année dans ma classe." Eddie sighed. As class wore on, Eddie grew anxious, wondering if it would happen.

"Any minute now..." he mumbled under his breath. Rather comically, shortly after his utterance, the intercom buzzed to life, and cacophonous drums blew out all the intercoms in the school. Eddie had rigged the speakers to play "Bringing Back the Balls to Rock" by Lordi, and he began cackling like a madman. Mrs. Angelle eyed him angrily. He matched her gaze with a smartass grin. He rose the devil horns with his right hand, and the bird with his left.

"Hail in the name," he said to her.

"Detention," she growled back.
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Sixth Edge

Sixth Edge

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.:The High School RP:. Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:The High School RP:.   .:The High School RP:. EmptyTue May 03, 2011 9:53 pm

Jake strolled right into the school as if no one could see him. He wore the same, goofy expression he always did in the years past, making exaggerated arm swings as he walked down the halls. Different year, different school, same deal he thought with glee.

Moving right into homeroom, he sat directly in front of the teacher's desk. He was the first one in the room, and was quite content with the number of new people coming in from other middleschools. He would get to entertain a new crowd! Jake just knew this was going to be a great year.

Once everyone had eventually settled, the teacher began taking attendance. He was a bit pudgy, and probably no taller than 5 feet; this made Jake laugh a bit in his head. The teacher took attendance in alphabetical order. The first student answered "here," raising his hand up high. When the teacher called out "Jake Autria," Jake kindly replied "What's up, my homey?" There were a few giggles from behind him, but the teacher was unimpressed. One could easily read the expression on his face; the one screaming out "wise guy!"

When he'd called everyone in the class, the teacher introduced himself. His name was Mr. Gibbens, and he'd been teaching for eight years now. He talked about how if everyone cooperated, the year would go by like a good book. Then this'll be a long year... thought Jake, who'd never read more than a thousand pages of text in his life. The teacher also went on about how he knew how to handle trouble-makers, directing a stare at Jake.

Just then, the loud speaker came to life releasing some sort of heavy metal rock song. Jake recognized it as "Bringing Back the Balls to Rock." While he wasn't quite fond of the song, it certainly was an interesting surprise to find out that a prank had been pulled on the first day. He heard everything up until the third "Hail in the name of rock and roll," when the music shut off. That didn't stop the following sound of thirty chatting students. Jake himself shouted out "America!" In a low, heavy voice, emphasizing the "e" to add to the chaotic effect.

Eventually it all died down, and Mr. Gibbens got off the floor. He brushed off his clothes, and with that, dismissed the class. Eyeing Jake as he passed by, he returned to his desk. Pulling up his descending jeans, Jake couldn't help but remain enthusiastic for the coming year.

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.:The High School RP:. Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:The High School RP:.   .:The High School RP:. EmptyWed May 04, 2011 5:24 pm

Ember strutted into school like she was at the top of the world. She had gotten her junior year schedule the day prior and was pleased with it, well all except for science. Today she will go to Italian, then to gym, then to science, her worst subject, and then for her last subject of Mondays, algebra. She did very well in algebra, above all of her other classes, it was her favorite and best subject.

In homeroom, her teacher called roll, he called the first few people and could not believe that Ember was in his class. Out of academics Ember was a rising star at most school athletics, so her name was known most everywhere.

"Ember... Dawn..." the man was in awe.
"Right over here, Mr. Oak, and may I say that it is a pleasure to be in such a wonderful Italian class with such a grand teacher. I'm sure you remember me from last years tennis championship at state level."
"Remember? I don't remember you. I DREAM about you. Well... not-" He was interrupted.
"Yea, yea, Ember, the best student ever and old gramps here is crazy in love with her athletic abilities, or something. But, hey, you can just forget about the rest of your class and go on talking about how Ember won the tennis championship. I'm sure you'd rather do that instead of teach. My buds and I will be outside." said a rebel in Ember's class. He walked out of the classroom.

Ember stood up and ran out after him, she didn't like to make people feel bad about themselves. She saw him on the east side of the building putting graffiti on the newly painted walls.
"Please don't do that, our parents pay for things like that." Ember said.
"Yea, well my parents paid for this spray paint and they wouldn't want it to go to waste, so... I'm using it here. You should try it, it sort of makes all of my worries go away." the boy said.
Ember was stressed about her science class. So she picked up a can of purple spray paint. She wrote EOD, her initials, Ember Opal Dawn. The principal saw them out of the corner of his eye and rushed over. Before he said anything, the announcements came on and started singing a Lordi song on the intercom, Ember recognized it because Day was listening to it yesterday.
" Well that was a little weird but I'll handle that later. Detention, Waldo Tyler, Ember Dawn? I knew Waldo would do something like this, but you Ember? Get to class you two. Juniors are still at first block." He walked to his office and wrote on a note pad and stuck the note on his desk.
I guess it's only fun when you don't get caught. Ember thought walking to her language class.
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Icelord Xillian

Icelord Xillian

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.:The High School RP:. Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:The High School RP:.   .:The High School RP:. EmptyWed Jun 01, 2011 2:09 pm

In the early hours of the morning, sitting in a small corner of New Hampshire was a lonely high school. It had quietly been harvesting the all the rotten emotions and unfortunate events from the past year. Ingesting those sweet cries of humiliation and growing strange insects in the basement. It seemed to have a big grin on as it happily awaited all of new things to consume in the coming day, and year after that. What pranks would be held inside its halls, what teenage disaster might occur in the bowels of its classrooms? What bullies would come this year to pick off the small and weak? Many things would happen, the school was looking forward to it all. It would come soon, one teen had already found himself inside through building's mouth, and into its large chambered stomach.

Ethan Carles, a crazy genius, lurked in a classroom. He sat with his legs crisscrossed in a small orange chair. His tiny desk was located right in front of a crammed teacher's desk that had been filled a day ago, in preparation for what was coming. Ethan slowly sucked on a coffee. His arm was outstretched above him, his hand gripped loosely on the easer of a pencil. He made pointless tally marks across the desk's wooden surface, while quietly mumbling to himself. His eyes slowly moved to the wall, a chipped, and quickly fading, blue surface. The clock that hung on the wall stated the time, seventeen minutes after ten.

The broken clock could not disguise what was fast approaching. Through the clouds, the rising sun fought for its share of the sky. Very soon the doors would open, unleashing the full fury of teenage students. A light popped on in the hallway. The doorknob jiggled, and the door opened. In walked an older gentleman.

"Hello Sir," Ethan said plainly as the man walked in.

The man jumped, frightened by the person sitting in his class room. "Ah hello, Ethan Carles?" The old teacher had remembered Ethan from last year. Few forgot him.


"What are you doing in my classroom?."

"I was mentally preparing myself the skirmish ahead of us this school year, until you disturbed me."

"How did you get in here?"

"You left the door unlocked yesterday when you left."

"How long have you been here?"

"I entered this room at ten seventeen, and I will leave this room at ten seventeen."

"Don't play games with me Carles, this isn't a way to start the year. How long have you been here?"

"I came before the light filled the sky, when dark vanquished over light. Before the Earth rotated so that New Hampshire would face the Sun. In which light would have to travel 150 million kilometers to reach us and spread their refreshing warmth."

"I asked for an answer, not a sermon. Aren't you a 10th grader now? This is a Freshmen homeroom, I suggest you find your homeroom. School starts in a half hour, I hope that is enough time."

"It will be plenty." Ethan gathered up his stuff, but before standing up and leaving he finished his coded message in the desk. Very lightly, in a combination of tally marks and roman numerals where the numbers: 19, 4, and 25. Whoever received the desk this year would have to figure out its meaning. Ethan had decided during the summer to put such code around the school to confuse and trick weak minded people, but each number combination held a purpose. So far this was the only code he had planted, but more were to come.

On his way out Ethan said back to the grumpy teacher, "Have a good day sir." The old man said nothing.

A half hour later, Ethan was sitting in his homeroom. All the other kids had arrived and filled up the room. After a quick few beginning-of-the-year tasks, the sophomores spread out to find their classes. Ethan went to his first class, about halfway through it the intercom buzzed on. Bringing back the balls, bringing back the balls to rock... Ethan chuckled. "The chaos has already revealed itself."
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.:The High School RP:.
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