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 =RP= Guild: The Return

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=RP= Guild:  The Return Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Guild: The Return   =RP= Guild:  The Return EmptySun May 01, 2011 9:31 am

The Return

This is the 'second' Guild RP in the series. The first one was Guild: The Rising, and it was about the time when the Guilds were formed and how they raised to power. (To participate in The Rising, visit the BattleOn Forums).


Ten years ago (Guild: The Rising) several Guilds rose to power in the city of Blackwall. However, only after four years of operations and competition, the Crossed Knights arrived. They stormed Blackwall, taking the civilians hostage, killing the guards and burning the existing Guilds in Blackwall.

When it was all over, the civilians were let go, allowed to enter the city. However, upon arriving in Blackwall once more, the Guilds had come to an end. The Crossed Knights became the city guard, and constructed a massive stone wall around the Centro-District. From here, life went on, with the civilians living their lives once more, and the Crossed Knights in control of Blackwall.

However, old Guild leaders and new ones alike are planning on creating the Guilds once more. They may help or beat the civilians, destroy the Crossed Knights, or rule the city.

Setting, Blackwall

Blackwall hasn't changed to much, however there are a few differences. Once again, location will determine your Guild's interactions and how they accomplish things. You may choose to help or destroy parts of the town. Whatever your Guild does, influences the bulk of the community.

Centro-District - Long ago, Centro-District was a recreational park area filled with politicians and visitors. It is now nothing but a large stone wall. Or at least, that's all that can be seen, aside from the fortress being built inside. No one goes in or out unless they're Crossed Knights, or prisoners. A stone road surrounds the entire district on the outside of the wall, connecting each district to it.

Ziori - The most richest district, Ziori, is still the richest district. Unfortunately, the people are oppressed and the Knights ensure they receive the funds needed for their organization. Shops and large buildings all exist in Ziori and they are made of colored bricks and wood. Their is one Inn still in Ziori, the Whitewall Inn.

Markaz - Once considered a 'normal' zone in Blackwall, Markaz is full of slaves and prostitutes now. However, their economy is still midways between Nero and Ziori. When the Knights arrived, they brought with them captured men and women. Every week, caravans with more came in. Soon, Blackwall discovered they slaves - and the Knights promoted the slave trade. The Knights began selling them to the Markaz people for profit. The Blackwall Inn is now filled with whores and whoremongers.

Nero - Still the most crime-ridden section of the city, Nero hasn't changed much. The Knights have left it alone, annoyed and confused by its populace. The buildings have been renovated if only a bit. Their are working windows, and doors. Lights are on, and most people live in them. However, poverty can still be seen - as hobos and others roam the streets. Thieves and other criminals stalk the weary alleys and rooftops. The Broken-Inn seems to be a meeting spot nowadays, and lots of friends go there for entertainment, or use it as a Brothel.

Building A Guild

Once more, before you can begin operations, you and your Guild will need a 'safehouse'. Safehouses can be abandoned warehouses, churches, stables, inns, or anything. After finding a safehouse, you'll need some recruits. The more recruits that you have in your Guild, the longer you can hold out and the larger you get. You can upgrade your members as well, to improve their effectiveness in combat. You may promote your Guild to build influence in a region. Doing missions will affect the location of your Guild.

Recruit - You gain 3 new members everytime you recruit.
---You'll need more recruits as you gain more influence so you can do things.
---Recruits may be lost during fights.
Improve - Upgrades weaponry and armory for your recruits.
---Increases your attack power so you can disable other Guilds.
Promote - This makes a name for your Guild to increase influence.
---You need to spread influence to control a part of the city more effectively.
Missions - Sabotage another Guild - or change the city.
---Missions should be seen as mini-plots your character and Guild does.
---Doing a Mission relating to the city or Knights can alter a district's stats.
---Missions against other Guilds is narrated by the attacker, but may be mentioned by the defender. These missions can decrease a Guild's stats, depending on what the attacker targets.


This Bio Format contains everything I need to know about your character for now. If it doesn't apply (like spells or secondary weapon) then you do not need it. Feel free to add on to it yourself. A Bio for Guilds will be filled out accordingly as the RP moves along.

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b]
[b]Other Items:[/b]



Name: Crossed Knight
Armor: The Crossed Knights wear armor which is not light, nor heavy. The armor is silver, and shines brightly in the light. The trim of the armor is gold. Overall, they appear as 'paladins'. They wear a helm as well, with a blue horsehair crest atop them. Underneath is chain-mail armor.
Weapons: The general Crossed Knights Arsenal consists of Light Swords in combination with Shields. However, some Crossed Knights are known to wield heavy longswords, mighty axes and hammers, bows, crossbows, and spears.

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Posts : 166
Join date : 2011-04-30
Age : 25
Location : Iva, SC

=RP= Guild:  The Return Empty
PostSubject: Re: =RP= Guild: The Return   =RP= Guild:  The Return EmptySun May 01, 2011 9:33 am


Members and Guilds

[Player Name] - [Character Name]

[None] - [None]
Guild: Crossed Knights (CK)
District: Centro-District; Ziori; Markaz;
Safehouse: Centro-Stronghold
Members: Unknown
Quality: Unknown
Influence: Unknown

[None] - [None]
Guild: BlackHawx
District: Unknown
Safehouse: Unknown
Members: Unknown
Quality: Unknown
Influence: Unknown

District Activity

Government: Capitalistic

Economy: **********
Protection: ********
Crime: **
Living Conditions: *******
Oppression: ********

Economy: *****
Protection: *****
Crime: ****
Living Conditions: ****
Oppression: ****

Economy: *
Crime: ********
Living Conditions: **

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=RP= Guild: The Return
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