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 Delta Company III - Open

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Delta Company III - Open Empty
PostSubject: Delta Company III - Open   Delta Company III - Open EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 12:08 pm

Delta Company III

The year is 3010. Earth is barely populated by humans, but mostly serves as dump site for junk and garbage. The existing nations, particularly the superpowers, have made great achievements in technology. This led to advancements in space travel, allowing the human race to expand their empires into outer rims of the galaxy.

It wasn't long until hell broke loose. With these advancements in technology, and the constant hunger to consume more land, the nations began battling one another - it was galactic combat at first, but then invasions on planets began taking place.

New America, the 'code-name' for the planet where American Citizens found new homes, was away from most of the conflict. Almost immediately, heavy fortifications were setup all over the planet, and New America went from a dominant residential planet to a military stronghold.

Of the massive army positioned on New America, Delta Company III (DC3) was one of them, composed of about 125 troops. DC3 was made up of convicts, new trainees, and existing veterans, and commanded by Captain Robertson.

Initially, the ASN, or Alliance of Socialist Nations, landed on a beachhead. Captain Robertson garrisoned his troops on the opposite side of the beachhead. There was no conflict, however war is only beginning to boil in the waters between them.


Captain Robertson - Leader of Delta Company III (DC3). Caucasian.
Lieutenant Jiang - Leader of Alpha Platoon I (AP1). Asian.
Sergeant Jackson - Leader of Echo Squad VI (ES6). African.

Corporal Kovalishin - Ghost, Leader of Zulu Team I (ZT1).
Corporal Williams - Mech Boy of Doom, Leader of Golf Team I (GT1).
Corporal Ezekiel - That Crazy Bum, Leader of Charlie Group IV (CG4).

Character Equipment and Bios

Everyone is human. No aliens in this RP. Yet.
Weapons do not fire lasers, they fire bullet projectiles. However, they're custom, so you can 'design' your own weapons.
Armor is generally just bullet proof armor, but you can decide how much you have (where it covers your body), but will make your character slow and bulky.
You may add onto this bio form.

[b]General Appearance[/b]:
[b]Position[/b]:  Corporal (Do Not Change) of _______ (<-Change)

[b]Primary Weapon[/b]:
[b]Secondary Weapon[/b]:
[b]Other Equipment[/b]:


Name: Nikolai Kovalishin
Gender: Male
Age: 38
General Appearance: Athletic build; Rough facial hair looking like a 5'o'clock shadow; Brown hair; Hair is about an inch long, very unkempt; Dark Russian Skin.
Other: Deep and heavy Russian Accent.
Position: Corporal of Zulu Team 1.

Primary Weapon: SAR-52b; Motherland.
-Standard Assault Rifle V52b
-V52b comes with a 3-round burst, as opposed with the V52a with automatic firing.
-Though the burst is a disadvantage, it has more accuracy and hits harder.
-Comes equipped with a Red-Dotted sight.
Secondary Weapon: SSSR-23; Comrade.
-Single-Shot Sniper Rifle V23
-Fires a single, accurate, and very powerful shot.
-Must reload after every shot.
-Custom equipped with variable zoom scope.
Other Equipment: Frag Grenades (for now)

History: Originally part of the State of Soviet Russia in the midst of the colonized planetary systems, Nikolai always saw reports of war between the Soviets and other nations in the new systems. His parents were military personnel, and often times he was taken care of in a local orphanage - who took care of him even though he was no orphan.

Nikolai however, wanted to move away, and left Soviet Russia to find refuge on New America. Unfortunately, he could not escape his past. He had urges of warfare, he wanted to kill, he wanted a rifle in his hands anytime possible. He joined the ranks of the NAMF (New American Military Force) and became Private Kovalishin.

From there, his team was sent on the war-torn planet of the once glorious 'Metropolis', the nick-name for the up and coming 'city-wide planet' where no combat would take place. Nikolai and his fellow troops did as there Corporal asked of them, each one being looked at greatly.

During an attack, a Korean convoy beat the team back, and was able to kill two of the members, leaving only Nikolai, another Private, and the Corporal. As the chase continued, the Private was shot, fell behind, and then killed. Nikolai and the Corporal, realizing it was the end, took up positions and faced a horde of Korean attackers, under heavy fire, and running out of ammo.

Luckily, and extraction helicopter and defensive force arrived to rescue Nikolai and his Corporal. Nikolai was immediately promoted to Corporal, where he was given to lead a team at the Beachhead.

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Mech Boy Of Doom

Mech Boy Of Doom

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Delta Company III - Open Empty
PostSubject: Re: Delta Company III - Open   Delta Company III - Open EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 12:25 pm

Name: Kiril Williams
Gender: Female
Age: Early 30's
General Appearance: A slim petite woman, with a knack for getting into spots where she shouldn't be able to get to. With a tight-fitting jet black bodysuit, and a matching bandanna, her long hair, which is naturally the same black as her garb, reaches half way between her shoulders and her elbows, staying straight. Her face has only one scar, across her right eyes, which never fully healed, but both of her emerald green eyes are untouched. Her slim mouth is often seens curled into a provocative smile.
Other: Flirty, but doesn't let anyone get too far. Persistant and sneaky, her voice is high pithed, but such that would harm people's ears.
Position: Corporal of Golf Team 1(GT1)

Primary Weapon: Pain
- A High Power Custom Sniping Rifle
- Fires 50 calibre rounds
- Can hold four shots per clip, but has a large recoil
- Has a variable zoom scope and tripod attachments.
Secondary Weapon: Agony
- A hand mounted set of claws on left hand
- 9 blades set horizontally, designed to rake and stab
- Claws were forged using the same technique as swords, and made of steel.
- Attached to her bodysuit.
Other Equipment: 2x Smoke bombs, 1x Video Survailence 'Bug', 1x Audio Survailence 'Bug'

History: Born and raised into a wealthy family, she origianlly spent her time as a contortionist. However she decied for a sudden change and head into military espionage, specializing in B&E and sniping when firefights ensue. During the time leading up to this, her parents had commissioned her weapons, Pain and Agony, and sent them out to her. Her continued prowess on some missions, which vetrans found unable to be finished, due to her flexibility evntually landed her corporal-ship and command of GT1, which she ensured was like her, specialists in Sniping and B&E.

GT1 was ordered into DC3 to aid the other teams sent there.
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That Crazy Bum

That Crazy Bum

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Character Bios

Delta Company III - Open Empty
PostSubject: Re: Delta Company III - Open   Delta Company III - Open EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 10:43 pm

Thought this was cool enough to check out. Inspiration from Warhammer 40k and Gears of War.

Name: Horace Ezekiel
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30s
General Appearance: Horace bears the appearance of a world-weary man, with a stoic expression and a straight figure. His face always looks like he's pondering something serious, and is almost never seen smiling. He is built like an athlete, as most military men are, with 5 o' clock shadow and medium length black hair. He wears the typical black bullet proof armor on his chest, in his boots that cover his calves, and gauntlets that stop near the elbow. He wears a blood-red bandana that covers his hair, tied at the back of his head. Under his chest armor is a sleeveless shirt as well as fireproof pants.
Personality: Analytical, disciplined, determined, snarky, no-nonsense, but generally protective of his friends and family. Is silent until spoken to or needed to speak. A bit of a thinker, which has lead to him becoming a tinkerer and inventor of machinery.
Position: Corporal of Charlie Group IV(CG4)

Primary Weapon: Skulls, appearance here.
- A mid to long range automatic rifle, with a 30-round magazine.
- Has a strap that wraps around the shoulder to allow Horace to carry the gun.
- Has medium recoil and sights.
- Horace carries extra magazines in case he needs to reload.
- Used by Horace until ammo is used up or close combat is imminent.
Secondary Weapon: Blood, appearance here.
- An innovative weapon of Horace's making, sheathed at his back. The blade itself is 3 feet long.
- Practically a chainsaw shaped into a hand and a half sword design.
- Makes a typical chainsaw noise when activated.
- Chain can be retracted into the be blade in case of damaging in order for the weapon to be used as a traditional sword.
Other Equipment: Grenades and smoke bombs, as well as a communicator attached to his ear to talk with others in combat or over long distances.

History: Horace was the next generation of a military family, born and raised to fight. Horace loved the rush of combat, whether it would be sparring or actual warfare. Rising up the military ranks, he became the Corporal of his unit, his friends serving with him. They were also ordered to the beachhead to assist DC3.
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Age : 25
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Delta Company III - Open Empty
PostSubject: Re: Delta Company III - Open   Delta Company III - Open EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 8:21 am

Both of you are accepted.

I like Mechs' choice of using the claws. I also like Bum's chainsaw.

And Bum, the 'Communicator' is fine, however I was sure everyone thought they had one. No worries though, it'll be fine. I never mentioned anyone had one, but I reckon we can all assume we have one... :)

I will change my character up, maybe his past as well. I seem to be fond of the Russians at the moment.
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Delta Company III - Open Empty
PostSubject: Re: Delta Company III - Open   Delta Company III - Open Empty

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Delta Company III - Open
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