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 =RP= Factions OOC(Need bios for the Government)

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Character Bios

=RP= Factions OOC(Need bios for the Government) Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Factions OOC(Need bios for the Government)   =RP= Factions OOC(Need bios for the Government) EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 4:31 pm


Da Rules:

1. Obey the forum rules.
2. Proper grammar and spelling, please.
3. If the faction leader is killed, someone may arise to take their place. This can simply a new character, or another RPer taking over the faction. If it is the latter, there must be agreement between the original owner and the replacement.
4. Alliances and rivalries are obviously allowed. Heck, they're encouraged!
5. Have fun!


The budding city-state of Certamen has been founded, with multiple factions trying to achieve their goals. The government struggles to maintain power in these strange times. The factions come and go, each fighting to do whatever their leader or their goal wants.

The default faction is the Lawful Neutral government, trying to keep order. They can be overthrown by other factions, and can retake power over the city.

The RPers play as the leaders or followers of other factions. The factions, their followers, and their goals come and go as time goes on. Random events may be introduced to keep things interesting, like an invasion from another faction or just a random threat to the city to see how the factions react. It's not much, but it sounds like a good RP idea that can outlast any player.


The plot takes place mostly in Certamen, though there will be other places that can be visited.

Players required/Bio requirements:
We need a minimum of 3 factions with at least 2 players in each, including the government.
Goals can be the same as another clan's, or vary.
Separate bios of the factions and their leader(s) is required.
The faction charters come first, then the charter may fill with bios

Here's a basic bio format in case you need one:

[b]Name:[/b]First and last name, if you want a last name.
[b]Nickname:[/b]Other names, titles, etc. go here.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female
[b]Age:[/b] If your character doesn't age like humans, add the age they seem to be and their real age afterwards.
[b]Marital Status:[/b] Single, Married, Estranged, Divorced, or Widowed.
[b]Family:[/b] All relatives, living or dead, go here.
[b]Race:[/b] Human, Vamp, etc.
[b]Class/Occupation:[/b] Warrior, Ninja, Tax Collector, etc.
[b]Faction:[/b] The faction the character is a part of, or leads.
[b]Alignment:[/b] (Optional) The character alignment of your character.

[b]Type:[/b] Human, Dragon, etc.
[b]Height:[/b] Keep it realistic for age and look
[b]Weight:[/b] Same as Height
[b]Eyes:[/b] Basic color needed, but more detail (shape, tint, etc.) is nice.
[b]Hair:[/b] Basic color needed, but more detail (texture, feel, highlights, etc.) is nice.
[b]Skin:[/b] Basic color needed, but more detail (birthmarks, scars/burn, etc.) is nice.
[b]Clothing/Armor[/b] Basic colors needed, but more detail (tears, scratches, wear-and-tear, etc.) is nice.
[b]Weapons:[/b] Basic weapon category (sword, staff, etc.) is needed, but more detail (design, color, etc.) is better and sometimes needed.
This can become its own section on your bio, if need be.
[b]Defensive Items:[/b] Basic category (Shield, magic cloak, etc.) needed, but more detail (design, color, etc.) is better and sometimes needed.
[b]Pets:[/b] Basic animal (Zard, dragon, etc.) needed, but more detail (Type, size, etc.) is better and sometimes needed.
[b]Extra Items:[/b] Remove from bio if not needed. If added, add detail (color, design, personal meanings, etc.)

[i][b]Secondary, Tertiary, etc. Appearances:[/i][/b]
Same as Appearance, use as needed, but remove if not needed.

[b]Skills/Abilities:[/b] Non-magical or magic-related/caused abilities your character uses. Add detail where necessary.

[b]Spells:[/b] Magical abilities your character uses. Add details (charge-up time, cooldown time, etc.) please.

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] Physical weaknesses directly hurt your character (certain elements, materials, etc.). Mental/Emotional weaknesses are things like fears and bad pasts,
and hurt your character indirectly (cause them to go crazy, act irrationally, etc.) Make at least one or two of these.

[b]Personality:[/b] A few sentences that show what your character is like. Make sure these make sense when history is added.

[b]History:[/b] A few/several sentences that tells your character's life story. Make sure that the events here can plausibly cause the character's personality to be what it is.

Here's a Faction bio too. Don't know what else to add to it, so I could use help with this one.

[b]Title:[/b]The faction's title.
[b]Nickname:[/b]Other names, titles, go here
[b]Goal:[/b] The faction's goal
[b]Leader:[/b] The faction's current leader
[b]Staff:[/b] The inner circle of the faction.
[b]Members:[/b] All other members. Update as needed.
[b]Recruits:[/b] The kind of people the faction looks for.
[b]Specialty:[/b] What the majority of the members specialize in, if they specialize in anything.
[b]Alignment:[/b] The clan's majority alignment. (Optional)

Factions: The heroes, the villains, and everyone in between.

The Government's Charter:

Title:The Government
Goal: Maintain order in Certamen
Leader: The current President
Recruits: Anyone willing to help maintain order in Certamen
Specialty: None. Members come from everywhere
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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=RP= Factions OOC(Need bios for the Government)
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