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 =RP= World War Lore II

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=RP= World War Lore II Empty
PostSubject: =RP= World War Lore II   =RP= World War Lore II EmptySun May 15, 2011 10:00 pm

World War Lore II

You all may know of my old RP on the BattleOn Forums, World War Lore. This is the next RP of its kind, and although its in a different setting and all, I will still call it World War Lore. Last time, this got WAY out of hand and WAY out on control. So this time, I got a better formula. Everyone posts in waves, with me ending them, and beginning the next wave. Battles are different though, and will be explained later. I am trying to make it depend on diplomacy, trade, strategy, and real-time tactics.


The location is Manora, a small continent similar to Lore, however not on the planet of Lore. It's on its own fictional planet. It is divided into four locations - each suited for its inhabitants. I had more about them, but everything got erased and I had to start from scratch - might put more later.

North - The North is a mountainous region covered in forests and rivers. During the Fall and Winter, it gets snowy and very cold. During the Spring and Summer, it is cool, not to hot, not to cold.

East - The East is a forested region with several rivers from the North flowing through it. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring, it gets rather cool. In the Summer, it gets mildly warm.

South - The South is a bare and open region, with few rivers and few tree patches. It is hot all year round.

West - The West is hilly, grassy, and has small forests in various places. It is cool during Fall, cold during Winter, and hot during Spring and Summer.

The Art of War

Battles - Battles are declared in one wave, however do not begin until the next wave. The attacker's forces move to the defender's city that they're trying to attack. However, if the Defender has not yet posted, then they may issue orders to move their armies to the attacker, and the battle will take place in the wilderness. The attacker must decide whether he wants to attack the city and risk losing more men, or if he wants to engage someone yet to post an action. Battles will NOT allow the poster to choose any other actions (Trading, Movement, etc) however will allow them to post more than once in a wave.

Location - Location is a vital aspect all Generals should take into consideration. Depending on where the battles take place, will determine which army does better. So far, the locations are:
--Mountainous: Infantry do better. (North)
--Forested: Infantry do better. (East)
--Flatland: Artillery and Cavalry do better. (South)
--Plains: Artillery and Cavalry do better. (West)
--Cities: The Defender will do better.
Having the right troops in the right location will make a huge difference.

Season - The time of year will also determine how well your armies do in battle. Heavily equipped units do worse in the heat, and better in the cold. Lightly equipped soldiers do better in the heat, not so much in the cold. Different locations have different temperatures.
--Cold: Heavy Troops do much better.
--Cool: Medium Armored Troops do much better.
--Mild: All Troops do much better.
--Hot: Light Troops do much better.

Troops - Troops are what you need to fight. Each Nation may only have three (3) troop types at their command. This will create strengths and weaknesses among the Nations. Depending on which troops you have, this will determine the victor.
--Basic Infantry: Made to face Advanced Infantry (Ranged)
--Advanced Infantry: Made to face Basic Cavalry (Melee)
--Basic Cavalry: Made to face Basic Infantry (Melee)
--Advanced Cavalry: Made to face Advanced Infantry (Ranged)
--Basic Artillery: Made to face all Infantry (Ranged)
--Advanced Artillery: Made to face Basic Artillery (Ranged)

Bonuses - Each Nation has their own bonus, which others may or may not have. Though each Nation may choose one (1) bonus, Trade allows Nations to share bonuses. Having various bonuses creates a more adaptable army.
--Heavy Armor: Heavy Armor allows your units to fight better in colder weather.
--Medium Armor: Medium Armor allows your units to fight better in cool weather.
--Light Armor: Light Armor allows your units to fight better in hot weather.
--Flaming Arrows: Enables your Ranged Troops to burn down forests.
These apply to all units, not just Cavalry, or Infantry, but to every unit under your command. If you have more than one bonus, then your army itself has access to either form of the bonus. It is possible to have all three bonuses with Trade.

Strategies - When it comes down to it, Strategy is what wins the battle. The better strategist is the victor in most cases - if things are set right. The players are free to make their own strategies - by deciding how their army moves around the battlefield and what they do and how they do it. For example: Sending a Heavy Infantry Squad to fight a Basic Cavalry Squad.

Victory - When a battle is initiated, I will watch the battle and what the Generals do in terms of strategy. The players will RP in the battle and do as they please - while I watch. When I think it's alright to end, I will take in all the factors of the battle and determine the victor. I have my own way of determine the winner, and it is fair, and no one here will know it, and it's not biased in any way. You lose, you lose; you win, you win.

Armies - Each Nation has access to so many Armies, and as they lose battles - they lose Armies. However, Nations who lose Armies will gain more in later times. Armies can travel freely among a region, however cannot traverse the entire land unless there is a post detailing travel from one land to the other.

Diplomacy and Other[size=18][u][b]

Each of these are considered one post, so you may only choose to do one of these in one post.

- Each Nation may have ONE City per region. They automatically get a free City at the beginning of the RP. If they RPer moves an Army they own into another Region, they may found another City. Founding another City takes one post. The post should detail how the city will look, the name of the city, where it is located, and anything else.

Movement - On your turn, you may move your Armies as you wish. Moving an Army to another Nation is DECLARING WAR, in other terms the next wave will initiate a battle between the two forces. You may also move your Armies to other regions. Any movement will take one post. Posts should detail commands, what is happening, and anything you want to include.

Alliances - Through PM, or publicly on the OOC, you may form alliances. It isn't up to me, but you may do as you please. This is not officially a feature, but you're free to 'ally' with each other as you wish.

Trade - In one of your posts you may want to conduct Trade. You may only conduct trade with other Nation's in your Region. Conducting Trade automatically gives you the target's bonus, and gives them your bonus. You may not attack a target if you're trading with them, you must first call off the trade. This takes one post to complete, maybe detailing it.


Ghost - Zimon; Leader of the Dark Elven Nation

Ziori - Great Nation of the Dark Elves
--City/Cities: Ziori (North)
--Race: Elven
--Bonus: Heavy Armor
--Troops: Advanced Infantry, Advanced Cavalry. Advanced Artillery
--Armies: 5/5
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PostSubject: Re: =RP= World War Lore II   =RP= World War Lore II EmptyMon May 16, 2011 12:04 am

I notice Zimon is here. Is this to take place in Terres?
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=RP= World War Lore II Empty
PostSubject: Re: =RP= World War Lore II   =RP= World War Lore II EmptyMon May 16, 2011 7:52 am

Woops.... this isn't suppose to be here!
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PostSubject: Re: =RP= World War Lore II   =RP= World War Lore II Empty

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=RP= World War Lore II
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