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 Custom Races

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PostSubject: Custom Races   Custom Races EmptyMon May 09, 2011 5:21 pm

This is where you can post a bio or description of your own custom race.

The custom race can be entirely made up by you, or can be a sub-race, like a race that branches off another (Elves-->Dark Elves; Humans-->Lakeman).

The only purpose of this is in case you need a place to store the information, a place for reference if you need to know more about a particular race someone uses, or anything really.

However, you do not HAVE to put your custom race here, it is entirely optional, however appreciated. Besides, I enjoy reading them.

I will post a bio of the Ziori, my race, later.
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Posts : 166
Join date : 2011-04-30
Age : 25
Location : Iva, SC

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Races   Custom Races EmptyMon May 09, 2011 5:58 pm

Ziori (Plural Ziorii)


An entity known as 'Tesoro' took form as a god-like being. Tesoro was the first Ziori, and traveled every plane of existence, learning and observing. Tesoro fought many gods, slew great bests, and fought all sorts of beings. He has done many things in his existence. Tesoro was known in legends for his terrifying, gnashing, sharp teeth, which he covered up with his 'Azul' a bandana-like cloth around his face that covered his nose and mouth.

Tesoro created the Ziori in his image and placed them in every plane and on every hospitable world. The Ziori worship Tesoro and wear their own Azuls for respect and honor. The Ziori see Tesoro as the 'Moon God', believing it to be the physical embodiment of Tesoro.


Ziori stand seven to eight feet tall, have glowing colored eyes, digitigrade legs, five fingers with claws, three toes with claws, and the typical Ziori has an athletic build which begins to narrow at the abdomen and is narrow at the waist. Ziori skin is blue or purple, and rarely black, and there eyes come in all colors. Ziori typically keep their claws filed down. Ziori have black hair, no exceptions. Their black hair is usually kept long and pulled back into one very long pony-tail-like strand that hangs down. Ziori have large, fearsome gnashing teeth, which they use to rip and grind even the toughest of meat, as all Ziori are carnivores and they hunt for their food.


Ziori can live anywhere; deserts, forests, plains, snow covered mountains, etc. Ziori live in independent clans and tribes, and often battle for sport or to resolve disputes. The clans and tribes may ally for short times to face a common foe. All Ziori are master hunters and warriors, as they're trained to fight at a young age and taught to hunt for food as well. Ziori believe male and female are only names, and consider everyone equal, so everything is the same for the Ziori.

When Ziori are born, they are raised by their mothers and fathers. Whenever it is possible, they become 'New Bloods' and begin training in the art of fighting and hunting. Once they master combat and hunting, they become 'Warriors', who serve as guardsmen, soldiers, and work in the village (hunting, building, fixing, etc). Many Warriors become Seekers, who travel the world to uncover secrets, slay beasts, and challenge heroes. Retired or aged Seekers return home to become Elders, who are very intelligent and powerful and govern the villages and tribes. They will die as Elders.

New Bloods - Young Ziori who are being trained to fight and how to hunt.
Warriors - Adolescent Ziori who can fight proficiently and are master hunters. They defend there homes, serve as guards, and work.
Seekers- Older adolescents who travel the world seeking knowledge, power, and challenges. They are usually master combat specialists.
Elders - 'Retired' or old Wanderers who serve as the ruling body of a Ziori tribe/village. They are the best fighters and most intelligent.


They worship their chief-deity, Tesoro, the Moon God. They believe the moon is the physical embodiment of Tesoro. They also wear an Azul as a show of respect to Tesoro's legacy.

At times, such as in the Terres plane, Ziori may worship beings who ascended to godhood, such as Zimon.

Stalkers of the night,
Masters of the fight,
With teeth of gnashing maw.

Masters of the spear,
Filling hearts with fear,

As cold as the snow,
And with eyes that glow,
Your fear they will know.

Masters of the hunt,
A terror to confront.

Ziori of the night,
Nightmares by right.
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Custom Races
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