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 Zimon VS Edward Vamilac

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Zimon VS Edward Vamilac Empty
PostSubject: Zimon VS Edward Vamilac   Zimon VS Edward Vamilac EmptySun May 08, 2011 7:41 pm

Zimon's Weaponry:

Primary - Two Short Blades; Can be dual wielded, or can be connected for a double-sided sword; stored in an X-formation on his back.
Secondary - A Retractable Spear; Can be Retracted, Mid-Extended, or Fully-Extended; Stored on his Silver Belt.
Defensive - A Scale Shield; A light shield able to be wielded single-handedly; can survive most blows, however forces impact on the user; Stored on his back, over the Short Blade sheaths.

Zimon's Armor:

Black Light Armor - The Armor is extremely light, allowing agility and movement in combat. The armor consist of pauldrons, gauntlets, a chestplate, and the knee and upper and lower portion of the legs. The armor is a metallic black armor, which means it shines in moonlight and the sun. The armor has elaborate designs all over it.

Zimon's Bonuses and Abilities:

Amazing Agility
Amazing Cardio
Expert Sword and Spear Combat
Amazing Speed
Long Years of Combat and Feats


Edward Vamilac's Weaponry:

A large pole-axe, capable of slicing through even the toughest unarmoured dwarf, and able to appear out of nowhere. The strength of his arms is enough to swing it around single-handedly and with great speed.

Edward Vamilac's Armor:

His scaly skin.

Edward Vamilac's Bonuses and Abilities:
While under the waves, He'll be able to manipulate the water around a foe, to trap them in a painful Maelstrom. In the air, his prowess over Thunder Magics comes into play, able to call lightning bolts out of even the clearest of skies. His aerial combat is indeed more lethal, oweing to the larger array of useable tactics.



Weaponry: Zimon indeed has a greater arsenal than Edward. Edward's large pole-axe would be able to keep Zimon away, thus making Zimon rely on his Retractable Spear. With the Spear, the range of the two weapons would be equal, as both fighters can handle their weapons with ease. Zimon's Scale Shield however would give him an upperhand, as would his Retractable Spear's mechanisms's.

Armor: Zimon's armor is very light, and would probably not hold out against Edward's Pole-Axe. Edward's scaly skin would also act the same way, probably not strong enough to repel Zimon's arsenal. The two 'armors' are no doubt the same strength though.

Abilities: Edward has an arsenal of magic at his command. Zimon does not have powers of water, so he would not get close to water, thus canceling Edward's water magic out. However, on land the powers of flight and lightning would leave Zimon at a disadvantage. Zimon cannot fly, and thus cannot combat Edward in the sky. Edward's thunder magics would easily catch Zimon before he could get away.


How Zimon Can Beat Edward: First, Zimon has to find his own battlefield, he cannot fall into a location that Edward is at home in (like near the sea, or an open plain). Zimon would need to find a place with nearby caves and buildings, and then provoke Edward to come to him instead.

Next. Zimon would have to pull Edward away from the sky, like running into nearby caves and buildings. This would totally take away Edward's magic of water, lightning, and would greatly affect his maneuverability in close quarters (flying in a room with a tail fin = FAIL).

This would make Edward resort to melee combat, using his pole axe. Zimon has a much greater emphasis on melee combat than Edward; he also a much better arsenal; Zimon also has access to a Scale Shield to deflect Edward's pole-axe.

Zimon's great advantage of his arsenal, and the fact Edward's magic and maneuverability is greatly reduced, will ensure that Zimon would indeed defeat Edward.
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Zimon VS Edward Vamilac
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