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 Character Legends

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PostSubject: Character Legends   Character Legends EmptySat May 07, 2011 10:54 pm

Character Legends OOC

Background - This is the legend of how Zimon slew the Man of Stone, a legendary figure from the land of Hommos (Terres Rebirth).

The Slaying of The Man of Stone

Decades (possibly a century) before the events of Terres Rebirth.

Zimon continued over the landscape. It was hilly, grassy, and rocky as well. The sky was blue, with the sun shining overhead. It was about mid-day, in the middle of the summer. It was hot, but not searingly hot, just hot enough to make Zimon stop to rest in the shade every so often. The grass rubbed up against his leather padded shoes, and he could hear the dirt beneath them sliding against one another.

He was looking for the Man of Stone, who also went by Shin Grotuk. Shin Grotuk was a mighty warrior legend, and who also was the leader of the Hoghead Tribe. He was known for his amazingly tough armor, and his fighting capabilities. Over the years, he had earned himself fame, but the fame soon swallowed him whole. In fact, he grew so famous, he began thinking of himself as the greatest warrior to ever live. The locals called him the Man of Stone, whose hide was 'tough as a rock'. He sent out challenges to people who thought of themselves as powerful warriors, and Shin Grotuk faced them and slew each and everyone of them. Zimon, was his next contender.

It was about another hour before Zimon made it to the tribe. It was surrounded by crude stone walls, about ten feet high from what Zimon estimated. A large wooden gate acted as a door into the tribe, but it was closed at the moment. Footsteps, and then a guard appeared on the top of the wall.

His armor was dim, but it was made of strong metals. His face was covered by it. "What do you want outlander?"

Zimon's face and body was hidden by his robe, so the mean had no idea he was a Dark Elf from the northern Naturos forests. "I am here to challenge your one and only, the Man of Stone."

The man's facial expression no doubt changed, but Zimon could not see it under the mask. The man silent, and paused for several seconds before saying, "Are you sure?" Zimon nodded. "Very well then, your name?"

"Zimon." The man nodded, and walked away. Minutes passed, and the large wooden gate creaked open. Before Zimon, there stood a bulky man. His skin was very tan, or it was the dirt and grime on his face. His hair was an orangish color, as if it was dirty with dirt. His eyes, they were blue as the sky. But his metallic black armor, his armor was what caught Zimon's eyes. It was a plain plated armor. No designs, nothing. It looked like normal armor, just fixed to the man's body.

"I am Shin Grotuk. If you're serious about facing me, then I will. But I leave no survivors, I will kill you." His voice was broken and sounded raggedy.

"Yes, I wish to challenge you Grotuk. My name is Zimon," Here, Zimon removed his hood, "And I am a Dark Elf from the northern forests of Naturos. I have traveled for days to find you."

"Very well, rest up Elf. I will meet you on these plains in a few hours." Shin Grotuk turned around, and walked back into the gate. Zimon on the other hand, found a nice spot to rest in the plains, he ate, drank, and slept.


Finally, Shin Grotuk's figure appeared at the gate. Zimon had just woke up minutes ago, he assumed he was asleep for a while. The sun was already setting, and the sky was orange with light clouds in the sky. Shin eventually made it to Zimon, still bearing the same armor, but this time a curved scimitar as a weapon. In the background, people were atop the walls of the tribe, watching the battle.

"Your turn." Shin smiled as he said it, but did not move anything else. Zimon ducked, swooped in and slashed at Shin's abdomen with his Short-Sword. Shin had jumped back, and then jumped forward, punching Zimon in the side of the head.

Zimon fell back, but quickly did a backflip to get onto his feet once more. He untied a string on his robe, and it feel off, revealing some simple leather armor on his body. Both warriors circled one another. Eventually, Shin slashed at Zimon's neck, however only met his Short-Sword, which Zimon had tilted in order to make Shin's blade slide downward.

Zimon followed through by cracking Shin's jaw with his fist, and then lunging his Short-Sword at his abdomen. The blow connected, however the sword did not pierce the armor. Shin did not hesitate to attack the stunned Elf, and lunged his blade at Zimon next, then raised his blade up and slashed downward.

The lunge pierced through Zimon's armor, and created a minor wound in his abdomen. The downward slash cut a small cut in his chest. If it were not for his agility, Zimon would not have been able to dodge the blows as he did, and would be dead.

With Zimon weakened, and Shin Grotuk winning, the battle continued. Zimon's agility saved him from grievous blows, and his defensive counters allowed him a few cuts on Grotuk.

About ten minutes passed, with both warriors bloody and tired. Both met their blades at once, bouncing away, and then backing away. Shin charged forward one last time. The loss of blood and drain of energy of the battle, however, made the large man collapse to the ground. Shin evaded the sword, and stepped to the side. As Shin fell, Zimon slashed at his neck.

When the body hit, the head of Shin Grotuk, Man of Stone, rolled off to the side. He was dead. Zimon picked up the head, and shoved his entire hand into it, moving the brain, veins, and other organs out of the way to make room for his hand. Stuck on it, he raised the head high above his own head, in the air, so that the tribe people could see it. They were all silent.


Zimon claimed the pauldrons, gountlets, chestplate, and the leg portions of the armor which Shin had worn. Shin's head remained on the sword's handle, which was stuck in the ground, as a victory totem for passerbyers.

The plain armor was metallic black, and extremely light. Zimon however, would one day decorate the armor in elven designs. The armor is no worn over the robe of Zimon.

Later, the great Umpri known as Poison Venomskull would hear of Shin Gotuk's death, and then claim the Hoghead tribe for himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Legends   Character Legends EmptySun May 08, 2011 7:10 pm

Background - This is basically the rebellion of the Kinalt nearing the end of the the human's opression of the Kinalt. (From Human's Oppresiion)

Kinalt Rebellion

The Day the Kinalt Rebellion succeeded in freeing the Kinalt from human slavery - Spoken accoung from one of her Royal Guards

Arctic conditions plagued all but the lone female of the rebel squad heading straight for the human tyrant's throne. Any human that foolishly tried to stop them was cut down within seconds.

Soon they entered the tyrant's throne room, the white cloak he wore swaying in non-existant breeze. One of the nearby Kinalt to the woman shouted, "Your time is up Tyrant Zofli!"

Zofli looked away from the female towards the Kinalt and only said, "Is that so?" the human's right hand raised itself to elbow hight after, which he added, "Goodbye..." With a click of the human's fingers the Kinalt that had spoke out was burned alive, unable to be healed or saved, his ashen form slumped to the ground after the screams of burning agony died out.

"You monster!" the female shouted.

"Looks who's talking. A filthy sub-human calling a full-blooded human a monster," Zofli answered in contempt.

"You'll be nothing but shreds when I'm through with you!" She snarled before dashing past the group, and barely dodging a fireball from the human's hand.

A Crystal Spell was the retaliation, followed by fireballs of various strengths. The Human, however, took the spells in his stride and slowly walked towards the female. A single sword swing gave the female all she needed to take him down, the human had, not only sliced into her face, but had defiled one of the sacred protrusions of a female wth his axe. An animalistic snarl escaped Yocrimilia's mouth before her rage over took her, sending her form into a darkened yet drastically faster and mroe dangrous version, claws extented from her hands with sickening rips and began to steam with the rage thast she was about to vent.

Zofli had no time to react after the transformation, as claws sharped than any blade ever witnessed dug into his skin, passing his magical armour like it was paper, continually. Yocrimilia never let up wth her attacks, eventually turning the offending human into literal shreds.

When Yocrimilia finally stopped the darkness had faded from her form, and she collasped.

She couldn't remember the crowing ceremony, not that she needed to. From that point on, the roles were reversed. Kinalt are the true matsers now.
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Character Bios

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PostSubject: Re: Character Legends   Character Legends EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 4:08 pm

Background- these are the separate occasions in which my character discovers his mutant powers, as well as random moments of his life. (from "The New Generation", which isn't getting off the ground yet.)

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Character Legends
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