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 =RP OOC= The Ore

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Black knight 1234567

Black knight 1234567

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PostSubject: =RP OOC= The Ore   Sat May 07, 2011 1:29 pm

This idea has been dwelling in my mind for a while, was to lazy to post it, so here we go: This is a post-armageddon/catclysm fantasy Role Play, so keep it fantasy people.

Plot: Billions of years ago, before anything ever existed, there was this one item, called The ore, it was, and still is, the source of everything there is, as the life inhabited the universe, after billions and billions of years, it appeared again, this caused a massive war between every single faction, human, and even animal.
In the end, it was a masscare, nobody survived, except 2 people. They were slowly nearing death, one hud one of his legs and arms cut off, one ripped in half, as they approached, they triggered something that shoulve have never happened, they're bodys merged togethr, they caused a time influx merging also all alternate universes, causing the return of all the warriors, now all of them must face this ne threat, The Ore is about too destory what it made. While the Legion (Evil) and Divine (good) factions try to destory each other.

Basicly, your one of the many warriors, wizards, rouges, ninjas, animals and whatnot trying to stop it. The bio is up too the person playing the charecter, you make the bio fit your own preferences.

Setting: The world is divided into 3 parts, one for the mercenarys *who are ready to help both sides* the faction which only goal is to stop it and fight for the better good (Good faction), and the third faction has the same goal of stopping it, yet to take control after that. (Evil faction)

Guild System: This allows for some intresting between factions talk, betrayels, and smuggling and all too that, basicly, a bunch of people can form guilds, organise events, missions, and even smuggle things and send spys.

My bio:

Name: Ecro
Nickname: N/A
Title: N/A
Class/Occupation: Ninja
Race: Collection of souls
Age: over 600 years
Appearance:Hair Color: His hair is never shown too anybody, as its hidden behind his black mask, its thought that he has no head.
Hair Type: No head
Skin Tone: His dis-guise shows him as white skinned (not pale, just normal white)
Eye Color: Green, very green
Body Build: A rather slik body build with some muscle, not a body builder, nor bone skinny
Height: 6'10
Weight: 153lb
Armor: He wears a black vest-like armor on his chest, its made out of strong materials, with a red costume under it, he wears a golden belt a green, emerald in the middle. And his pants are red from the left and black on the right, his leg wear is made out of silver metal with a golden emerald on the pat that is covering the knee, he wears a black mask made out of some sort of black bandages sort of material. His sleeves are red with a some black on them, and he wears black gloves. Also he wears a black and red hood.

Weapons: His hands and his special powers.
Pets(not including dragon): N/A
Other items: N/A
Special Skills: He has the ability too create a blacj clone of himself, which diss-appears after being hit once, he also hs some telekenisi abilities, such as moving objects, changing objects direction, crushing it, and things like that. He also can shoot a concentrated beam of green energy from long range-short range
Personality Traits: Since his a big combination of Souls, he can be extremly serious one moent and the enxt throwing sarcastic remarks and joke like a clown.
Backstory: He was the result of over 300 souls coming together in one place, the souls wanted freedom, so they all collided with each other which caused a power influx creating him. He was slaughtered by The Ore's energy at the battle, crushing the souls that compose him, but now since he has been ressurected, he fights for the side of evil.

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Character Bios

PostSubject: Re: =RP OOC= The Ore   Sat May 07, 2011 10:29 pm

I don't have a bio for this, just posting so you know that I'm interested.
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Black knight 1234567

Black knight 1234567

Posts : 14
Join date : 2011-05-01

PostSubject: Re: =RP OOC= The Ore   Mon May 09, 2011 11:55 am

Intrest noted, OOC completed.
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PostSubject: Re: =RP OOC= The Ore   

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=RP OOC= The Ore
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