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 The White Knight

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The White Knight

The White Knight stands about 6'0 feet high, and from what you can make of him he has an athletic body build. Those who have seen his skin know it is the purest of white, his eyes the brightest of blue, and his hair rivaling even the most shiniest piece of gold, hanging down to his mid-back. His face is ever clear without any distinction, but his appearance is always hidden beneath his white-gold armor.

He wears pure white steel plated armor over his entire body, adorned with golden outlines. It's as if the very angels of heaven crafted the set. On his back hangs a pure white cape all the way down to his knees.

In one hand he carries a majestic white blade, and like his armor it is decorated with golden trimmings. Blood does not stain the blade, and it shines brighter if undead ever come into range.

Other than his blade, the White Knight has healing powers that can cure the most defiling diseases and mend the deepest of gashes, given the time to do it. He can fire bursts of concussive light magics from his palm and send out waves of the same magic from his blade with swift slashes.

The White Knight originated from the land of Elinor, the homeland of the Men of the White. He was a prince at the same Elinor was invaded by
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The White Knight
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