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 Finn Valgard

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PostSubject: Finn Valgard   Finn Valgard EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 4:44 pm

Finn Valgard
Finn Valgard is a 36 year old human male standing about 6'0 tall. He has normal white skin, dark blue eyes, and black hair that hangs down a little past his neck, as well as a mustache-beard that reaches down to about his mid-chest. He has an athletic body build.

Weapons and Equipment
Finn wears a chainmail cuirass over his torso, steel plate pauldrons, steel bracers, steel greaves, and leather boots. Underneath his armor is a cloth shirt and trousers. Over his chainmail cuirass is a blue and white tabard.

Description and History
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Finn Valgard
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