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 =RP= The Dragonguard

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=RP= The Dragonguard Empty
PostSubject: =RP= The Dragonguard   =RP= The Dragonguard EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 4:21 pm

The Dragonguard

Dragons have always struck fear, imagination, and curiosity into the hearts of man, elf, and beast alike. But what are dragons? Are they seclusive and intelligent hoarders that most scholars agree on? Or are they fearsome beasts who thrive on destruction? Or could they be something different? It's a hard question to answer as many people never get the chance to speak to such a fascinating creature.

The Dragonguard was established centuries ago by dragon enthusiasts. Before the Dragonguard. world-renowned dragonslayers would roam the land in search of the beasts and slay them. After a while the dragon population had decreased to only a sixth of their original size. It seemed the dragonkind would become extinct before long. But that's why the Dragonguard was formed.

At first they secured a tense alliance with a few dragons. After earning their trust they began to live amongst the dragons. After several years they became the Dragonguard we know them today: dragonriders, dracomancers, and more.

Sentient Dragons -
Feral Dragons

Dragon Knights
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=RP= The Dragonguard
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