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 =RP= Raining Fire

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=RP= Raining Fire Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Raining Fire   =RP= Raining Fire EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 1:48 pm

"...the sky did darken, and the wolves did howl.
Blood turned cold, and thoughts turned foul.
On the Day that the Sky Rained Fire."

This roleplay takes place in the fictional land of Torra. Torra was once a prosperous continent known for its lush valleys, rivers, extensive forests, and beautiful scenery. The kingdoms which existed had remained at peace for many centuries, solving their arguments in the Torran Court, a conglomeration of the ruling bodies from each kingdom.

And then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the sky darkened. Clouds formed and blotted out the sun. No one could even see through the clouds to get a peak at the sky itself. The temperature became increasingly cold, plants died and animals began to turn rabid. This happened all within a week and no one could explain what was happening.

But none of that prepared them for the worst part: the Day the Sky Rained Fire. Those who survived would never forget the day. Flaming balls of magma dropped from the very clouds, exploding and destroying everything in its wake. This happened all over Torra, completely demolishing whole cities and fortresses, even leveling entire forests. When it stopped, only a few thousand people survived. The fire rained for a whole day, and Torra was no more what it once was. It was a desolate, blackened, terrible, nightmarish land.

And then the demons invaded. Huge portals of unbelievable size suddenly popped up with demons pouring out of them. they butchered and killed the survivors. To this day only about three hundred people are expected to be alive.

But those three-hundred will not give up. They will never surrender. They will never back down. They will rebuild. But they will never forget the Day the Sky Rained Fire.
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=RP= Raining Fire
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