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 =RP= Ghost of the Northern Lights

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=RP= Ghost of the Northern Lights Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Ghost of the Northern Lights   =RP= Ghost of the Northern Lights EmptyThu May 16, 2013 12:38 am

Over 15 years ago there was an elusive vessel that sailed the northwestern coastlines. It would appear out of nowhere, devastate ships, and disappear. At times it raided merchant ships and destroyed them. Though it never actually laid siege to any towns along the coasts, it was feared by the inhabitants. Trade, taxation, and production suffered at the hands of the vessel. And then one day it simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

Phillip Jacobson, more commonly known as Captain Jake by the harbor masters, is a sea merchant and trader and runs the Gold Swivel. Jake served as a privateer during the Third War of the North against the invading Corbri Empire a decade ago, just a few years after the disappearance of the Ghost. Jake believes his life of battle end exploration on the high seas is over and that for now own he is a simple trader. But Jake is about to stumble upon something greater and deadlier than he could ever imagine.

Captain Jake is a 26 year old male who grew up on the coasts and has served as a merchant and trader of the northern seas. Ever since his childhood he has had heart problems and suffers from chest pains on occasion, and a symptom of the disease causing him to shake quite often. His mother serves food at the inn in town, and his father died during the Fourth War of the North. He has minor training with the sword, but due to his conditions he is unable to fight most of the time. Due to his chronic shaking, he is absolutely incapable of using firearms. Nevertheless, he is an expert of maritime navigation and travel and is one of the best navigators of the Northern Seas.

Jake's Father was once a privateer who helped win the Fourth War of the North. Afterwards, his father disappeared. In actuality, Jake's Father refitted and innovated his ship, gathered and crew, and began to fight off the pirates, who the Navy refused to contend with. After destroying many pirates, the Navy recalled dozens of ships, causing massive attacks along the coasts. In an effort to get the Navy to focus on the pirates, who begin to run rampant without extra Naval help, Jake attacks merchant ships, which forces the Navy to increase the number of ships there. Jake's Father is a good man with good goals, but goes about it in a brutal way. No survivors means no revelations of the colonists.

1. Jake and crew spot the Ghost and flee, but are caught up to and their ship is destroyed, along with their cargo and money. Jake and a few others are the only survivors.
2. Back at port, Jake goes to meet his mom at an inn and is ambushed by tax collectors, who beat him and unable to defend himself. Jake has lost his gold and cargo to make more gold and cannot pay off his loan.
3. Jake makes a deal: one last loan to buy a ship and find the Ghost and steal its valuables. On the otherhand, Jake offers the loanshark his mother's inn. The deal is agreed upon.
4. Jake prepares a crew and buys a new ship and begins their journey.
5. Jake and crew first encounter a pirate ship and outfight them.
6. Jake and crew are interrupted by a massive storm and seek shelter in a cove.
7. The crew explores the cove's caves and finds several clues on the Ghost.
8. Savage men attack the crew, but they escape back to the ship.
9. The ship spots the Ghost and gives chase, but are ambushed by several ships. Badly damaged, the ship gives up the chase and seeks shelter at a nearby port. Jake's second-in-command, Mills, reveals to Jake that he believes his father is Captain of the Ghost.
10. The crew defends the port from pirates in a fierce gun battle, who were the same ones from the ambush. A traitor is suspected.
11. The traitor is revealed and killed, revealed to be a double-agent working alongside the Ghost's crew and the loansharks who want Jake to die so they can get the inn. Then the crew sets off and spots the Ghost.
12. The crew finally fights the Ghost and barely makes it out alive. Jake confronts his father and engages in a short discussion before finally fighting. Jake is easily bested, but outsmarts his father and kills him.
Epilogue: Jake and crew beat the loanshark and steal his treasures, and live happy from then on.
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=RP= Ghost of the Northern Lights
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