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 =BIO= Naevia

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PostSubject: =BIO= Naevia   =BIO= Naevia EmptyMon May 06, 2013 2:49 pm

Naevia stands about 5'5, has a slim body build, is a light-skinned colored woman, has brown eyes and black hair. Her right eye however is completely blind and as a result is pure white. Also, no hair grows on the right side of her head. A large and noticeable burn mark extends from just under her right eye, over the right side of her face and over the right side of her head, above her ear. She has shoulder-length black hair on the left side of her head. However, her face is actually that of a beautiful woman, but is haunted by nightmares of her past. She has multiple scars across her back from being whipped and tortured.
Naevia was born in the volatile region of Corisk, a land divided into many small villages and a few kingdoms. At age 5 her village was attacked, but Naevia hid from the attackers in a storage room while her kin were slaughtered and her village was burned. When the king of the commanding forces arrived to survey the aftermath, Naevia sprang forth from the room and charged him, but was instantly spotted and captured by the bodyguards. The king walked over to her and revealed he would adopt the girl if she only obey him, but instead Naevia spit in his face. The king then placed his left hand over her right eye and right side of her face and let out a burning fury of flames that completely singed her hair, burned her skin, and rendered her right eye useless. She screamed and cried, and was thrown into a slave caravan. For many months she worked on a slave farm, but was captured over 3 times after trying to run away, all 3 times being brougth back and whipped to unconsciousness. She finally escaped, but was captured again and sent off to the mines, where she was secretly trained by an old soldier to fight. Years later, after making it through near-death of starvation, freezing winters, and deadly-hot summers, she and a handful of others led a revolt, using pick-axes to murder and slaughter their captives. After breaking out of the mines, the slaves dispersed, and Naevia...
Naevia is somewhat bitter and cold, and shows it by her often annoyed facial expressions and crossed arms. She seems hostile and angry to most, but deep down she's eager to find someone who will accept her. She suffers from a lack of self-esteem brought on by her appearance. She prefers to work alone, but only because she is afraid of being judged by others and the fact she likes to be by herself.
Skills, Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses
Naevia is a superb melee combat specialist and is well-trained with the bow. She refuses to learn any sort of magic. In fact, Naevia is intimidated by most magic, and even more so by fire-based magic; even a fireplace or campfire puts her on edge. While in battle she becomes furious and angry and is fueled into a deadly rampage as he slashes and cuts her opponents into pieces.
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=BIO= Naevia
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