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 =RP= Remes Empire

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Remes Empire

Military Structure
Enlistment - All male nobles and their male family members are automatically deemed part of the armed forces of the Remes Empire. The rest of the army is made up of volunteers who enlist at local centers and are assigned to one of the three branches: Garrison Corps, Legions, or Imperial Navy. Generally the volunteers from the same settlement or region are assigned to the same group. Benefits include free land, lower taxes, free medical attention, and a large sum of coin paid after service, as well as coin paid to the families of the volunteers throughout their service. All volunteers are given armor and weapons, albeit poor but it is free.
Sporii - The Sporii are given medium armor, a shield, and a spear and are generally used to protect the flanks from enemy cavalry.
Corii - Corii are given light or medium armor, a shield, a shortsword, and three pila to throw at the enemy before engagement. They make up the main line of any army and are also the main attacking force.
Auxilii - Given light armor and a bow, the Auxilii are archers who fire in unison at the enemy.
Redorii - Redorii are made up of nobles, their family and friends, as well as other high-ranking individuals. Redorii ride horses, use shields and spears and are used to flank the enemy.

Military Strategy and Tactics
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=RP= Remes Empire
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