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 Character Bios

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PostSubject: Character Bios   Character Bios EmptySun May 01, 2011 9:48 pm

If you need a place to store bios for future use - please, do it here.

Bios for species and descriptions for locations may go here too.
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Character Bios Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios EmptySat May 07, 2011 9:01 pm

Inspiration: John Marston, Altair ibn La'ahad, Ezio Auditore, Zeratul, Thrall, Kopaka, Nuju, The Predator, etc.

Name: Zimon (Zy-men)
Alias: The Moon Hunter
Race: Dark Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Elder
General Appearance:
Skin - Dark blue skin, easily blending with the shadows.
Eyes - Passively, his eyes are a glowing green, however he may dim them on command in case need be.
Hair - Night black, with noticeable aged gray hairs in few places. His head hair is roughly fixed, about an inch or so long. He has no facial hair.
Body Type - Slim

Black Robe - The Black Robe covers his torso, his arms, and his legs. He has a hood, which he rarely ever removes. The Black Robe is ripped around the wrists. From his waist down, the robe stops, however their are many shreds of the robe that hang down. Received as a gift by the Dark Elves.
Black Light Armor - The Armor is extremely light, allowing agility and movement in combat. The armor consist of pauldrons, gauntlets, a chestplate, and the knee and upper and lower portion of the legs. The armor is a metallic black armor, which means it shines in moonlight and the sun. The armor has elaborate designs all over it. Received as a trophy after he slew Shin Grotuk, Man of Stone and leader of the Hoghead Tribe.
Black Bandanna - There is a black bandanna which is tied around his head and covers his nose and mouth. Therefore, the only thing visible is what is not shadowed by his hood or covered by his bandanna. Bandanna he obtained in Naturos to hide his identity.
Silver Belt - A simple belt with pocket-bags around it.
Weaponry: Zimon wields various tools for combat.
Primary - Two Short Blades; Can be dual wielded, or can be connected for a double-sided sword; stored in an X-formation on his back. One blade was a gift from the Dark Elves, the other is a replica made by the Nainnos Dwarves.
Secondary - A Retractable Spear; Can be Retracted, Mid-Extended, or Fully-Extended; Stored on his Silver Belt. The Spear was obtained after defeating the Vicious Cavern Monster in Nainnos.
Defensive - A Scale Shield; A light shield able to be wielded single-handedly; can survive most blows, however forces impact on the user; Stored on his back, over the Short Blade sheaths. The Shield was built by Zimon after slaying the Reptilian Heroes, which he then compressed their scales into a compacted scale shield.
Other - It unknown what else Zimon carries with him. (In other words, I do not yet know what he needs, and may update this).
Mount - Received as a gift from the Dark Elven tribes on Naturos, Morath is an undead horse. The horse is completely made of reinforced bone, and held togeher by dark magics. The horses eyes glow fire red, and it seems as though flames stick from his very eye sockets. His ribs and spine are covered by a purple and black saddle, and his reins are black as well. The horse has no feelings, and therefore can cross terrain with ease, unless he comes into contact with deep waters. Morath sometimes appears to come from nowhere; Zimon uses his as a mount for battle, or for transportation.

Life and Character
Personality: In combat, Zimon is determined, fierce, daring, and courageous. He is also very honorable, and noble; he only faces those who are armed and dangerous. Outside of combat, Zimon is quiet, calculating, prophetic, and cold, but known to be one of the friendliest of allies at times.
Fighting Style: Generally, Zimon advances into combat using his Dual Short Blades. Facing tougher opponents, he uses his Scale Shield combined with his Double-Sided Sword. Against more 'beastly' opponents (wolves, etc) he uses his Spear, which he normally wields in Mid-Extended, to create the illusion of a 'short-reach', however extends it when going in for the kill to further his chances of impaling the opponent. If Zimon faces a much stronger, and much larger opponent, Zimon will wield both his Scale Shield and Spear together. Rarely, Zimon has been known to strip himself of armor, robe, and weaponry alike and face the opponent.
History: Zimon grew up in the Warrior tribes of the Dark Elves, on Naturos. The Dark Elven Warrior Tribes believed the Shaman should be the only magic wielder. Zimon grew up a fine Warrior. Reaching adolescence, Zimon was given one Short Blade, and the Black Robe. From here, he was a free elf. He decided to roam the world and uncover the secrets of life. He built him a small boat, and headed south.

He soon hit the northern beaches of Hommos, land of the Human Race. He studied the ways of the humans, the art of warfare, the art of betrayal, and learned of the prophecies of Hommos - all while being covert. He learned of a fierce warrior who lived on the land, and further explored the legend. After learning that the Man of Stone was Shin Grotuk, the chief of the Hogheads, he began searching for him. Soon enough, he found the legendary warrior, 'The Man of Stone'. After a long struggling battle, Zimon beheaded the man. Zimon claimed the Black Light Armor of the man as a trophy. Soon after, Poison Venomskull the Umpri claimed the Hoghead tribe for himself after news of Shin Grotuk's death reached him. He then built a canoe, and sailed south once more.

His canoe crash-landed on the land of Nainnos, land of the Dwarves. He found shelter in a small cave on the rocky shore. However, he further explored the cave, deeper and deeper, until he came upon The Chamber, home to a vicious monster. After covertly making his way out of The Chamber, he found a dwarven city, built in the above cave network. Here, he learned of the vicious monster's saga, and became friends with the dwarven king of the small network. He was told that if he killed it, he would be given a replica of his short blade, and that it'd be modified to be a double-sided sword. Using his newly-made weapon, he slew the vicious monster after hours of combat. However, deep within the monster's caverns he discovered a Retractable Spear. He said his goodbyes, and left the land in a small dwarven boat to the northeast.

Drakkos, the highlight of his life. The season was Spring, making Zimon at home in the jungle land. The Reptilian races attacked him in the jungles, however Zimon fought back. He used his spear and shield to face the Reptilian race - easily killing them little by little. Soon, greater Reptilian Heroes came to face him. One by one, Zimon defeated the legendary Reptilian Heroes. He slew them easily with his weapons, so easily in fact that Zimon stripped himself of all weapons and armor, and faced the Reptilian Heroes alone. He never stopped, Zimon continued to hunt down many of the greatest warriors on Drakkos, killing them. His legends spread across Drakkos, then to Hommos, and then expanded on Nainnos. His legendary acts earned the name of 'The Moon Hunter'. Summer became increasingly hot, and forced Zimon off the land of Drakkos, who headed back to Naturos.

From there, The Moon Hunter's legends became just that - legends. Myths, tales, stories, legends. He was forgotten by the men, by the dwarves, by the reptilian. The dark elven societies of northern Naturos where the only ones who knew who he was. Decades passed, and Zimon feels ready to conquer the world as a legend once more.


Zimon slew the Man of Stone, the Vicious Beast of The Cavern, and the Reptilian Heroes. Overpowered? Nope. Zimon faced tough opponents in his adolescent years, and had difficulty doing so no doubt. He's earned his fair share of battle scars. However, over the years, Zimon has probably lost his power and ability he once had in his older days. I guess Zimon can be seen as an old legend who has already had his time of fame. Now he's nothing more than an ancient warrior and prophet. None of the people or beats he's slain will have an effect on the RP, by the way.
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Character Bios

Character Bios Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 12:32 am

Inspiration: The Joker, Deadpool, Bullseye.

Name: Skull, real name N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30s
Marital Status: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Psycho for Hire
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Skull's head is covered by a gray mask resembling a human skull, hence his title. He is 6' 2" and 185 lbs, with a normal build of one who exercises often. He is dressed in a dark green suit and wears black gloves. The gloves are magically enhanced to give an electric current that when activated, shocks and harms those it strikes. His shoes and gloves are both altered to allow him to move like Spider-Man, that is to say, crawl on walls, ceilings, or the sides of buildings.

Weapons: Skull's arsenal varies from time to time, but he always keeps these on his person.
Longsword: Skull keeps around his waist a longsword with a blade 2.5 feet long. It appears as a sword without a blade, until he wills the blade to protrude from it. You know, like a medieval version of the lightsaber.
Crossbow: Skull keeps on his back a crossbow that can be held with one or both hands and can be fired and reloaded with ease.
Dagger: Skull keeps a nine inch long blade with him in case he must engage in close-quarters combat or is disarmed of his other weapons.

Extra Items: Skull keeps a few smoke bombs and a grappling gun on his person in case of the need of a quick escape. He also has extra bolts for his crossbow in case he needs them.

Physical Abilities: Skull's strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and senses have all been exercised to highly athletic levels.
High Pain Threshold: Skull can resist or ignore medium levels of pain, partly because of training and the abuse of painkillers.
Marksmanship: Skull has shown to be a skilled shooter, one of the best in Hommos.
Combat Pragmatism: Skull uses every advantage in battle, honorable or otherwise.
Torture: Skull has gained extensive knowledge of pain in different places of the body, and can use it for more creative purposes.
Intimidation: Skull possesses the ability to instill fear and revulsion in others, something he enjoys.

Personality: Skull chose this job because he liked it and thought it was fun to do, since he was so good at it. The money is secondary to the thrill of the hunt and the kill. He enjoys it whenever his targets fight back and hurt him, being a sadomasochist. He is very violent, as shown when he was hired to steal a weapon, then used it on his employer once he was paid. Despite his sociopathic nature, he keeps himself very calm, only raising his voice when very angry or when being grandiose. He enjoys the chases he leads against the authorities of the world. He does have standards, though. He is unwilling to kill children or pregnant women, since he finds no satisfaction in killing them. He's willing to obey rules, as long as they don't hinder his goals.

History: His life before becoming a hitman is unknown. All that is known about him is that he's been working for ten years now, making money off of killing. His mysterious identity combined with his deadliness have allowed him to evade both police and other criminals throughout his career.

This bio is just in case The New Generation RP ever comes back.

Real Name: Alan Ignacio
Mutant Alias: Thinker
Identity: Publicly known
Age: 15
Citizenship: Philippines (Former), United States (Current)
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Parents (Married), Younger Brothers
Group Affiliation: Neutral

Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: Brown. Shape is completely circular, with black outlining the brown.
Hair: Black

Distinguising Features: None, Alan could easily blend into a crowd of normal people.
Special Skills: Alan is a competent cook, can play the guitar with ease, and is educated in many fields for a person his age. He is partially trained in martial arts and swordfighting. He is also partially athletic, able to play tennis, cross-country, basketball, and soccer.

Superhuman Powers: Alan has control over Psychic Powers The newer his power, the more focus it requires to use. (The list of powers within the link are younger to him as you read down.)

Personality: Alan is

History: Alan was just a normal boy, the second generation of Filipino-Americans in his family. His family moved up and down the Eastern Seaboard, living a normal life, getting education wherever he and his brothers could. They settled down in North Carolina for the majority of his life, getting education for elementary and middle school. It was in elementary school, aged 11, that his powers began to manifest themselves, beginning with Clairvoyance. As the years went on, more powers manifested themselves and Alan tried to master each one, with Teleportation as the last to manifest and control. He outed himself as a mutant after graduating middle school and turning 15, leaving behind his family with tearful farewells as he left for Prof. Wylyn's school, having already learned to control his powers but wanting protection from persecution.

Name: Fate
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Family: Father (Human), Mother (Greater Goddess of Destiny)
Race: Half-Goddess of Destiny
Class/Occupation: Seer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, with Good tendencies

Appearance: Fate stands at a height of 5' 7" and weighs 145 lbs. She bears black hair and silver eyes. She wears clothing typical to wherever she travels. Her body is shaped so elegantly that some people mistake her for a half-elf.

Skills/Abilities: As a child of the Greater Goddess of Destiny, Fate has many powers pertaining to her mother's portfolio.




Inspired by Xan from DragonFable and Xykon from Order of the Stick.

Name: Xion (pronounced like Zion)
Nickname: The Infernalich
Gender: Male
Age: 150 years
Marital Status: Single
Family: All relatives dead.
Race: Human (Formerly), Infernalich (Current)
Class/Occupation: Infernalich.
Alignment: Stupid Evil

Type: Skeletal
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 70 lbs (He's just a charred skeleton now)
Eyes: Glowing Yellow
Hair: Formerly a redhead, hair replaced by a fire of the same color engulfing the skull.
Skin: None, reduced to a charred black skeleton
Clothing/Armor Orange and red Pyromancer robes.
Extra Items: His phylactery.






Inspired by the concept of the Warp from Warhammer 40K, and the Seven Lantern Corps from the Green Lantern Comics.

Name: Annabelle "Annie" Motus
Nickname: The Emotomancer, The Warped Mind, The Allfeeling One
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Family: Parents and siblings, still living.
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Emotomancer
Faction: Emotion
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies.

Type: Human
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Color depends on her mood.
Hair: Color depends on her mood.
Skin: White, with a slight tan.
Clothing/Armor A set of mage robes with a hood where the main color and the trim change depending on her mood.

Emotion Detection:





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Character Bios Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 12:56 pm

Description: Zykar is a male Ziori, recently coming out the Warrior phase and entering his Seeker phase. Zykar is an adolescent in terms of Ziori age, but it isn't quite known how old he really is.
Appearance: Zykar stands about 7 and a half feet tall, has a typical black pony-tail that hangs to his mid-back, dark blue skin, light blue eyes, and an athletic body build.
Clothing: Zykar wears a tattered black cape around his person, which can be folded over his entire body for seclusion. He also has black leather kneepads, a black leather belt, black leather shorts, and black leather shoulder pads.
Weaponry: Zykar carries a standard Ziori-made scimitar, a retractable spear, and a small round shield.
Character: Zykar is noble, honest, honorable, respectful, and will fight for his friends and whatever he deems right. He may seem cold or unfriendly, but deep down he cares about his friends and allies and would die to protect them.
History: Zykar began his life as a New Blood, and excelled in melee combat. Later in his life, Zykar became a soldier and guard for the Blackrock Tribe. He studied the art of warfare and became a known tactician and strategist, earning him Chief Commander of the Blackrock Guard and Army. Zykar has fought many opponents in his life and is a revered warrior and leader, but he has just left his Warrior phase and has decided to explore the world and make a name for himself.
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Character Bios
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