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 =RP= War and Politics

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=RP= War and Politics Empty
PostSubject: =RP= War and Politics   =RP= War and Politics EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 12:14 pm

I am the Consul and I have been tasked with campaigning northward for the glory of our Empire. Below me are Quaestors (you) who each command a sole legion. You will team up and combine your legions to conquer land and pillage the homes of our enemies. We will discuss strategy, plans, and more before we actually battle. Do well and see yourself and allies to victory, or fail and risk ridicule.

Every now and again Promotions become available. Initially you are all Quaestors who do as I say. However, you can be promoted to Prefect, then Tribune, and so on (see Ranks). Instead of me giving orders to every one of you, you will take orders from whoever I place above you. You can vote for anyone but yourself.

If you have a rival, or just someone you really do not like, you can order an Assassination and have them permanently killed. Tell me via PM who it is, and I will warn the target of it. They can guess three possible names, and if they guess wrong they WILL die; guess right, and they will be saved, but the names they guess will be revealed via OOC.

Quaestor - The first and lowest rank. You are in command of a sole legion (approximately 500-700 soldiers).
Prefect - Second rank. You now command the Quaestors assigned to you (if no other Prefect exists, you command all Quaestors).
Tribune - Third rank. You now command the Prefects assigned to you (if no other Tribune exists, you command all Prefects).
Legate - Fourth rank. You now command the Tribunes assigned to you (if no other Legates exists, you command all Prefects).
Praetor - Fifth rank. You now command the Legates assigned to you (if no other Praetor exists, you command all Prefects).
Consul - Sixth rank. There can be only one Consul, and I play as him for now. I command everyone below me.

How will battles work? - You have a legion who is divided, organized, and equipped however you like. Before a battle you must consult with your allies on strategy, and in battle you must use specific tactics to overcome the enemy forces (who I will play as). Do right and win, do wrong and retreat or die. Your legion will take casualties, but they can be reinforced. You may choose to abandon your allies so that they will die in battle; it's an alternative to Assassination, but it could anger others.
Strategy and tactics? - Strategy is planning before-hand. Where will you strike and how will you do it, and how does your ally come into play? Will you lead the charge while your ally ambushes them beforehand? Tactics include use of shield walls, flaming arrows, and other things you can think of.
What power do high ranks hold? - Instead of commaning each of you individually, I simply need say "Prefect, your job is to take the next two cities", in which case the Prefect will then direct you on what to do instead of me. Or I could say "Praetor, see to it that the next two cities are taken", in which case he will direct the Legates, who in turn direct the Tribunes, and then the Prefects, who finally direct the Quaestors. It's a chain of command.
How does reinforcing legions work? - I will give you more soldiers (who may or may not fill all of your ranks). If you are being ordered by someone of higher rank, I will give your command a set number of soldiers upon request, and he will then divide them amongst you rather than myself.
What if I do or get assassinated? - You die and can restart as a Quaestor with a new character.
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=RP= War and Politics
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