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 =RP= Honor, Glory, and Freedom

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=RP= Honor, Glory, and Freedom Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Honor, Glory, and Freedom   =RP= Honor, Glory, and Freedom EmptyWed Apr 24, 2013 11:39 pm

You will be a leader or commander. As leader you will give the orders to your commanders who carry out the tasks. It is you who will allocate the troops amongst them. It is you who will determine the best of the best, and who will decide to promote them, favor them, and gift them with more power. And you may even taste of battle.

As a commander you will lead the troops given to you by your leader. You will also give counsel and advice to your leaders, as well as work together to defeat your opponents. Do well and see your leader gift you with more troops and give ear to words; do bad and see your head split from body by the leader who so regretfully put you in command of his men.

The Empire - 5000 infantry, 2000 spearmen, 2000 archers, 1000 cavalry.
The Warbands - 7000 infantry, 1000 spearmen, 500 archers, 1500 cavalry.
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=RP= Honor, Glory, and Freedom
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