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 =RP= Prisoner

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PostSubject: =RP= Prisoner   =RP= Prisoner EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 6:54 pm

In this roleplay you are a prisoner. Your ultimate goal is to leave the prison, either through sheer work, good behavior, silent leave, or violent breakout. There is a special character, the Servant, controlled by my self. The Servant can obtain items of interest and reveal key secrets and tips about the prison - all at a valuable price. But be warned, the Servant is deceitful, hateful, and an evil schemer and will abandon those he does not care for, and even those he finds respect for will one day fall to his treachery.

As a Prisoner, you will roleplay about the daily life in the prison. Depending on which path you choose, you will either work in the mines, fight in the arena as a gladiator, or act as a servant to your master. Your ultimate goal is to get out of this prison - in which ever way you attempt to. However, you can't do it alone.

Whether you decide to pay your way out, earn your freedom in the arena, be a good worker, get out on good behavior, silently sneak out or violently slaughter everyone on your way, you're going to need help. The other RPers are to offer this help. You must plan, conspire, and work your way to your goals. Meanwhile, the Servant can acquire things you need: weapons, tools, or good word - but at a price. The Servant may ask you to kill, steal, sneak, or find out things which he will use to his advantage. All Servant interactions are sent via PM to remain in utmost secrecy.
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=RP= Prisoner
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