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 =RP= Five Kingdoms

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=RP= Five Kingdoms Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Five Kingdoms   =RP= Five Kingdoms EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 11:24 am

Five Kingdoms

The Land of the Five Kingdoms, as it is always referred to as, is a land of civil strife, chaos, and war. The Remes Region, home to the decaying Empire, is attempting to quell a rebellion and restore peace to the region. Meanwhile over in the Kingdom of Eastworth, who were promised protection by the Empire, is fighting a losing war with the barbarians to the south, the Sorgarax. The newly-born infant Kingdom of Swafth lying to the west struggles to maintain any sense of unity and cannot properly asses their armed forces for defense against the Sultanate lying to the south. And all four of these kingdoms tremble before the deadly hordes slowly approaching across the Seeing Desert.

Can the Empire restore its former glory? Will Eastworth be able to hold out against the Sorgarax? Can Swafth's nobles put aside differences and form a formidable army to save themselves and possibly the whole of the continent from the Sultante's hordes?
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=RP= Five Kingdoms
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