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 =RP= Drama Roleplay

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PostSubject: =RP= Drama Roleplay   =RP= Drama Roleplay EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 6:49 pm

Each of you play a different role in the daily life of the Imperial City. Although different, each of you are connected some how or another. You each have a set of problems, but you're also able to work together to help solve those problems. In the meantime, some of you may hire an Assassin, who you can then use to assassinate another player. The player to be assassinated will be warned of the attempt, and will have the opportunity to 'guess' who did it, and the attack will be warded off if he is correct (and thereby reveal who ordered the assassination). Lastly, you each have a special ability that can help you in the long-run.

The Senator - The Senator is a middle-aged or an old-aged man who has a powerful seat on the Senate. He loaned a great deal of coin to his former friend, the Dominus, and he must work to regain the debt. Meanwhile he must deal with the Legatus and appease him as he threatens to take the city.
--Must reclaim debt from the Dominus
--Must please the Legatus or else face execution as his army invades the city.
--[Special Ability]: The Senator can alter certain in-game rules and restrictions against other players.
The Legatus - The Legatus is a middle-aged man who leads a powerful army. Unfortunately, he needs money from his father, the Dominus, which is used to maintain his army. Meanwhile, he needs to appease the Senator
--[Special Ability]: Having Elite Guards following him around as protection, he may guess three names when an assassination attempt is made on him.
The Dominus - The Dominus
The Gladiator
The Assassin
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=RP= Drama Roleplay
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