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 =RP= Erratus Amissus

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PostSubject: =RP= Erratus Amissus   =RP= Erratus Amissus EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 10:17 pm

Erratus Amissus

For over half a century five major organizations have been waging war for ultimate domination of the Solura System, a region in space known for its rich and resourceful planets. The Julani Empire, the Intergalactic Trade Federation, the Solura Republic, the United Soluran Colonies, and the Karga Fleet.

When the ITC began to scan planet X96-Y84, the Julani Empire immediately believed they had discovered a new mineral-rich planet. They were wrong. However this did not stop the Julani and the ITC from engaging in direct conflict over the planet. Allies of the ITC, the Solura republic and the USC, dispatched reinforcements to the battle, forcing the Julani to request their own reinforcements from the Karga Fleet. What resulted was a terrible and devastating battle over a meaningless and barren planet.

Each organization had lost over three fourths of their fleets, with the ITC and Julani taking the most casualties. The remaining fleets simply turned and tried to retreat to safer territory.

However there were some who crash-landed on the planet itself, and only a handful had survived. X96-Y84 isn't a resource-rich planet, classified as Level 0.84 on most scales, and cannot support life due to its poisonous air. The planet is mostly covered in barren deserts, but some lowlands support some alien plant growth, some water, and some natural wildlife - some of it, most of it, dangerous.

You are one of these survivors; but who you are and how you plan to get off is up to you.
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=RP= Erratus Amissus
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