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 Online Game Idea

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PostSubject: Online Game Idea   Online Game Idea EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 8:59 pm

The character begins with a simple weapon and possibly shield of choice, as well as basic armor. The player can find ingredients in the game world to further create better equipment. The stronger the equipment, the more ingredients and the more rare ingredients will be used. Therefore, the strength of a player is determined by the quality of their equipment, not by attributes or skills.

Each player can build one house, which can be used to store items and to teleport to from anywhere in the world. They may also build multiple stores anywhere, which they can set prices and sell equipment or ingredients which players can buy for gold coins. When multiple houses and shops are built in close proximity it becomes a town and a central Control Node appears. Control Nodes are neutral at first, but may be claimed by player-controlled Factions.

Factions are groups of players united under a single banner that can claim neutral Control Nodes. Faction leaders can name any town under their control, can allow the building of walls, can put a tax on the buying and selling of shops (receive a percentage of the income), among other things. Taxes collected is given to the Faction leader, which he may then distribute to anyone he sees fit.

A faction can attack another faction's town, which initiates a siege. Anyone living in the town is thought to help out break the siege, and the faction in control of the town must help break the siege as well. Attackers can have rams, towers, and more.

Towns will develop and grow over time near resource-rich locations. Factions will fight over these locations. The economical system will be purely player-built, with them directly crafting every single in the game, and selling it to others and buying what they need.
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Online Game Idea
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