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 =RP= Blood and Steel

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=RP= Blood and Steel Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Blood and Steel   =RP= Blood and Steel EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 12:15 pm

Blood and Steel

One faction will be playing as the Remans, who are part of the Remus Empire. The others will play as the rebels, who are former slaves and prisoners and are now trying to flee the the Reman army that has been dispatched to quell their rebellion. Their will be battles throughout, but the Remans superior training, numbers, and discipline will overcome the rebels, but the rebels have determination and will stop at nothing to escape the Remans.

Battles will occur whenever the Remans catch up to the rebels, or when the rebels turn around and fight back. The Remans will collaborate on a strategy through PM or chatting and send it to me. The rebels will also collaborate a strategy and send it to me. Then I will take both strategies, reveal them on the IC, and the battle will begin. Strategies cannot be changed after the battle, but the commanders can retreat and order their forces to push forward. Retreat when you know you're losing, or you will take more casualties.

Their will be a main general and his captains on each side, each captain and general leads part of the ary, with the generals bodyguard being the strongst.
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=RP= Blood and Steel
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