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 =RP= To Defy the Gods

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=RP= To Defy the Gods Empty
PostSubject: =RP= To Defy the Gods   =RP= To Defy the Gods EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 12:30 am

To Defy the Gods

The races of man, elf, and orc have long waged war against one another for centuries. Recent and unexplained famine, disease, unrest, and death have now plagued the land and thrown it into a deep pit of depression, and the wars have not helped anything.

But now their may be some hope. The races of the land have agreed to peace, and together they will try to make a better world. Little do they know, however, their gods and goddesses have abandoned them. A priest, who many believe to be insane, know a workaround.

Heroes must rise, find the priest, and after that they must recover the God's Armory, an ancient structure containing items and arms of the very gods. Only then can they defeat the gods and goddesses they so worshiped once before and take their place.

But finding this priest and these weapons will not be an easy task, and the gods are not going to just let them walk into the location. Anything is possible, especially when you defy the gods.
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=RP= To Defy the Gods
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