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 =RP= Meiyo Senshi

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PostSubject: =RP= Meiyo Senshi   =RP= Meiyo Senshi EmptyWed Mar 06, 2013 10:58 am


Meiyo Senshi

There was once two great samurai: Masuta and Yujin. Together they helped their friend Kotei unite the land in the Great Wars and form the Empire, with Kotei as the Emperor and Masuta and Yujin acting as bodyguards. Unfortunately, Yujin had grown corrupt and a year later he assassinated his friend Kotei. This was all an attempt to gain power, and he expected Masuta to join him and rule the land cooperatively. Masuta did not share this same vision, and the death of Kotei threw him into a raging fury and after a fierce duel atop the Imperial Palace, he hacked the limbs from Yujin and sent him to his death.

The saddened Masuta, now absent of his closest friends, exiled himself atop Yama Mountain, the highest mountain in the land. There he hired workers to build the Meiyo Temple at the summit. Afterwards he destroyed the stairs leading up to the Temple. Masuta allowed anyone who could climb the mountain to enter his Temple and train under him in the art of the combat, whether they were samurai, ninjas, or monks. He figured those who could climb the treacherous slopes of Yama Mountain were determined enough to actually train under him. Those who enter the Temple, however, are never allowed to leave until Masuta believes they have completed their training - which may take many years depending on the student.

And we are one of these students, training under Masuta high atop Yama Mountain in the legendary Meiyo Temple. Unfortunately, there are those who oppose us, and though we do not know them, they are there. They're waiting for the right time, and when they strike our entire world will be turned upside down.

Meiyo Temple
The Temple sits on Yama Mountain's summit, the highest mountain in the land. So high that it sits above the clouds. The main building sits in the center and it is a kitchen and eating quarters. Above it is the library, and above the library is Masuta's room; a storage room sits below the kitchen in the cellar. On the eastern wing is an armory, with weapons and armors everywhere. On the western wing is the living quarters, with individual rooms for each student. A tranquil garden sits on the north end, where much of the food is grown, and a pool of water that is pushed up from inside the mountain provides an everlasting supply of clean fresh water. On the southern end is a sparring area, where much of the training occurs and where many students spar with one another, and also where the southern gate is. New students enter through this gate, if they can make it up there that is.

Samurai - Samurai is the 'warrior' class. They can wear any and all types of armor and can wield mostly any melee weapon, being masterful of them all. Samurai, however, are less-trained in the art of ranged combat and can only grasp light-based magic.
Ninja - Ninja is the 'rogue' class. They wear little to no armor. They are masters of using small weapons, such as tantos, nunchuks, and more. They are also great at using ranged weapons, like shurikens and crossbows. They can grasp dark-based magic easily.
Monk - Monk is the 'mage' class. They always wear robes, no exception. They are skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, and using the bo staff and other similar pole weapons, but there real power comes from their ability control the elements fire, water, wind, and earth as well as light and darkness.

[b]Name/Title[/b]:  Your character's name and any title(s) associated with them.
[b]Physical Appearance[/b]:
[b]Clothing/Armor[/b]:  Remember, this is an Asian-based roleplay and attire and armor should be consistent.
[b]Weapon(s)[/b]:  Again, Asian-based weaponry only.
[b]Equipment[/b]:  We will not begin with equipment, but we will pick some up later, so go ahead and list them.
[b]Skills[/b]:  Any physical feats and skills you have.
[b]Abilities[/b]:  Any supernatural traits or magical abilities you have.
[b]History[/b]:  Remember, all characters climbed Yama Mountain and they were not allowed to leave the Temple.  They have trained under Masuta from then on.

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Posts : 166
Join date : 2011-04-30
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: =RP= Meiyo Senshi   =RP= Meiyo Senshi EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 3:18 pm

Name/Title: Takeru
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Class: Samurai
Physical Appearance: Takeru stands about six feet, but he has a slim body, making him tall and skinny. He has fair skin, lighter than most, as he does not tan easily in the sun. Takeru has black hair that he keeps tied up in a ponytail. He keeps a clean-shaven face, and he most commonly has a calm and calculative expression about him.
Clothing/Armor: Takeru wears a standard white karate gi around the Temple. He wears a black belt around his waist, which was once his father's belt, although Takeru does not know nearly as much martial arts as his father and is in no way a black belt. He wears simple brown leather shoes, and a red band that holds his hair in a ponytail.
Weapon(s): Takeru's iconic weapon is his father's katana, which he has simply taken to calling Akio, after his father. Akio is strangely stronger than most, and the blade is very sharp. He also carries another Katana, one that his master, Masuta, helped his forge at the Temple, although it is a simple katana with nothing special to it.
Equipment: Takeru will carry a crossbow that fires bolts far and fast enough to stick into buildings. The bolts will have very strong rope-like lines on them so Takeru can use them to climb up buildings. It could be used for combat, but Takeru prefers his katana's.
Skills: Takeru is specially skilled in melee combat, able to use most any melee weapon with expertise, but more so with a katana. He has shown great ability dual-wielding katana's, which he commonly does. Takeru isn't necessarily strong, but his agility and perception makes up for it. Takeru has some minor training in hand-to-hand combat that he learned from his father, but he never really practiced much after his father's death. Takeru's personal strength could never really send a standard katana though flesh and bone, but Akio's echantments make up for it.
Abilities: Takeru was never really taught how to use magic, but he once managed to release a blinding blast of pure light from his palm. It doesn't really do anything other than blind those close to him for a few seconds.
Personality: Takeru can be described as stoic, calm, and observant. He mostly speaks when it is necessary, and many would say he has no sense of humor or 'conversation skills'. Nevertheless, Takeru is a friendly, respectful, and honorable warrior who protects his closest friends and loved ones.
History: There was once an experienced samurai named Akio. Akio traveled the land and challenged other notable warriors, defeating them all. He was an honorable, if a bit proud, man. Many say it was his katana that made him so good, and no one was sure where it came from or who forged it. He wanted to challenge Masuta, leader of Meiyo Temple. Unfortunately, one day he was injured in a fight, and he could barely walk, let alone fight anymore. Akio settled down with his wife and had a son: Takeru. He vocally trained Takeru to fight in martial arts, unable to actually get up and train with him. Around age 9, Takeru's father died due to illness.

Takeru picked up his father's sword, naming it Akio after his father, and set out to climb Yama Mountain - at only 10 years old. He attempted it 8 times, but either failed or gave up. He returned home, battered, bruised and injured. His mother simply asked him "what would your father want you to do?" So Takeru, still injured and battered, tried one last time and finally made it to the top of Yama Mountain. He had met Masuta, but passed out five minutes later.

From then on he has trained for 19 years under Masuta, honing his skills and becoming a notable warrior.
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=RP= Meiyo Senshi
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