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 =RP= The Senate

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=RP= The Senate Empty
PostSubject: =RP= The Senate   =RP= The Senate EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 11:01 pm

He was once a soldier, but he became a Senator soon after because he hates war and wants the Empire to stray from it.

The Senate
You will be roleplaying as a Senator of the Imperial Empire. As a group you will appoint an Emperor to lead your people and two Consulars to lead your armies. You will debate various issues and problems with each other and come to compromises and solutions. Every decision, every choice, every action will affect your Empire and the people within it.

The RP will start off with the death of Emperor Hector X, descendant of the Empire's founder: Hector I. He has no heirs, so the Senate has agreed to elect a new Emperor through democracy ('majority rules'). Each Senator will explain why they should be Emperor, unless they do not wish to be Emperor. Once everything is done, a vote takes place and a new Emperor is named. Note that this is how all Emperor votes will take place (for when an Emperor stands down or dies).

Secondly, the Senate will name two Consulars, who will lead the military of the Imperial Empire. It occurs similarly to the Emperor's vote, everyone explains why they'd be a proper Consular and everyone takes a vote on who they believe should be Consular. The two highest voted candidates will become Consulars.

From here the RP will take place in a series of months (and our characters will age over time. At the start of every month the Emperor can call a Senatorial meeting. During this meeting the Emperor may do a number of things. He may suggest raising or lowering taxes, train a new Legion, regroup the Legions into different armies, give Legions and armies to one of the Consulars, wage war, ask for alliances, establish trade rights, and many MANY other things. Actually, he can ask to do anything, because I will try to find a way to make the idea/decisions/choices fit into the RP somehow or another. The Senate will then take a vote on whether or not they should do it. The Senate may also bring up other issues and they may vote on it.

Now during a war, the Consulars are responsible for strategizing and actually fighting the war. They decide what armies, what Legions, and what generals are to lead the them. They decide where to attack, where to march, what to do, and more. The Emperor tells the Consulars where, the Senate tells them it is okay, but the Consulars are responsible for actually carrying it out.

Things such as floods, epidemics, revolts, and more can occur and can affect the Empire; you must handle them accordingly.

Emperor - The Emperor is the highest individual being of power. Every month he may call a Senatorial Meeting and ask them about different issues and problems they have. Only he has that power. The Emperor must be present at the meetings at all times and he is allowed to voice his opinion; however he CANNOT vote unless there is a tie. Emperors may step down, can be assassinated, and can die due to other causes.
Consular - There are two Consulars, one for each half of the army. Consulars are responsible for choosing who, where, and when to send armies and Legions during times of war. Which Legions are in which army, and who is leading that army, and where is that army at and what are they doing and when and where will they attack? That is up to the Consulars. The Legions under the Consulars commands are given to them by the Emperor (under the Senate's agreement). A perk the Consulars have is that they are still considered Senators and their vote actually counts.

Current Cities
Name: Hectoria (Capital City)
Tax Rate (Per Month):
Current Armies
Foreign Affairs
Trade Rights:
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=RP= The Senate
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