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 =RP= Power Unlimited

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=RP= Power Unlimited Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Power Unlimited   =RP= Power Unlimited EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 11:27 pm

Power Unlimited

There is this decently-sized island in the middle of the ocean - far away from any other landmass. Legend states that an artifact of great power is hidden away somewhere on this island. Recent stories, tales, and rumors have stirred up many people's interest and as a result many different people have tried to come to the mysterious island to find this artifact.

You are one of those people. Who you are, where you came from, and your intentions are entirely up to you. You came to the island alone, meaning you either road here solo or hitched a ride on someone's ship, or you're the lone survivor of a wreck at sea. Whichever the case, your goal is to find the artifact on the island - but who will you ally with, who will you fight, and most importantly, will you find the artifact first?

All characters are required to have sailed from somewhere else to the island. Whether by raft or large ship is up to you, and who came with you is up to you entirely - however you arrived on the Island alone and no one else stepped foot on the Island with you.

Secondly, later in the roleplay we will experience an Island-Wide Burst that will give off energy that will morph the players... in other words, any skills and abilities, armor and weapons, equipment, etc will also be changed at my own doing and you can't decide the outcome of how you morph - only I can.

Locations of the Artifact
There is a large dormant volcano sitting in the center of the island with three caves, one on the southern slope, one on the northwestern slope, and one on the northeastern slope. To the north is a rocky but thick jungle-like region, with several underwater cave networks. To the west is a forested region, but is also home to a tall tower - the Silver Tower. To the south lies a mostly-plains region with many patches of forests and caves. To the east is an old and abandoned stone city. All regions have some freshwater lakes and rivers, more in the south than anywhere else, and is a result by rainfall. The artifact could be anywhere. Tampering with the device could let out a massive Island-Wide Burst that morphs the players, and possibly merges with the Slaver.

*There is a Keystone in the City, the Underwater Caves, and the Southern Caves. All three must be placed in the volcano's three caves on a pedestal. Finally, the lever in the Silver Tower must be activated. Once that is complete, the volcano erupts and a great beast emerges who tries to kill everyone. The lava runs down the eastern slopes and into the city, burning and melting everything in its wake. Finally, in the nothingness that is left of the city, the artifact is revealed.
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=RP= Power Unlimited
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