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 =RP= Arena: Blessings of Battle

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=RP= Arena:  Blessings of Battle Empty
PostSubject: =RP= Arena: Blessings of Battle   =RP= Arena:  Blessings of Battle EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 12:36 am

Arena: Blessings of Battle

On an unknown continent, in an unknown part of the world their exists a mighty empire led by a mighty king. No other nation or person knows of their existence, however there influence is everywhere. They have sent beings known as Seekers to all corners of the world, observing, watching, and analyzing the best of the best. In the dark of the night, when no one is looking and when you least expect it they send you into a deep slumber. These Seekers then magically transport you all the way to the continent, in a prison cell. When you awake you'll be escorted to your dorm room, where you'll meet your Mentor. Over the course of the next few weeks, if you survive, your Mentor will train you and teach you how to fight better and more efficiently.

You'll then be put in one on one duels against the other combatants in a fight to the near death. One of you must submit defeat and allow the other to become the victor. The victor will receive a Blessing, a gold necklace adorned with gems and jewels, while the loser walks away with nothing but shame and ridicule.

One everyone has fought and all has been settled, you'll all take part in the 'Blood-Vote'. The Blood-Vote is where you'll decide, along with the other combatants, who to vote out. Those who have been rewarded a Blessing are immune to the Blood-Vote. The two fighters who receive the highest amount of votes will be killed off. After the Blood-Vote, your Blessing is removed.

The contest continues, as you're each pitted against one another in these one on one duels, and then take part in the Blood-Vote afterwards. Eventually only two fighters will remain alive, in which they'll fight in a final battle to the death to achieve the rank of Arena Champion!

1. All fighters have done something significant in their life for the Seekers to have chosen them. All of their equipment and belongings are not brought with them.
2. You're given any armor and weapon you request later on, but go ahead and include them in your bio. Go ahead and include spells and magical abilities, but assume that the Arena is the only place you can use them, as everywhere else is protected by mana-drainers that prevent use of magic.
3. In the duels, you are fighting to the near-death, not to the full death. Just PvP as usual, but let the best man win and admit defeat. Use reason and realism in your fighting. Collaborations are recommended and appreciated.
4. You are allowed to go to your Dorm, the Dorm Hallway, the Mess Hall, the Training Room, and the Armory. A Personal Mentor (an Arena Champion) is available to every one of you to help train you and teach you to be successful.
5. Damage spells and defense spells only. This includes fireballs, ice shard, lightning, etc as well as barriers, etc. There is NO levitation, NO invisibility, NO mind control, etc.
6. Whether you're a melee combatant, a ranged combatant, or a magic combatant, you're all considered generally equal. To win you MUST appropriately use your equipment and abilities, asses your strengths, and finally exploit your enemies weakness. Use strategy and tactics to win a battle. A warrior with a shield can defend against arrows; mage's robes cannot fend off a sword or an axe; rangers can dodge spells, etc; use realism and reason.

Age/Race/Gender: (It should read something like "26 year old human male")
Physical Description: (What you look like)
Armor/Clothing: (What you wear in and out of battle)
Weaponry: (The weapon(s) you carry into battle)
Equipment: (Shields, quivers, etc)
Skills: (Physical abilities, such as 'agile', or 'quick', or 'strong')
Abilities: (Magical spells, such as fireball of barrier)
History: (You had to have done something significant to be considered by a Seeker, and you did not see the Seeker but they some how found you sleeping and teleported you to a cell at the Arena)
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=RP= Arena: Blessings of Battle
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