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 The Academy Rules

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The Academy Rules

These are rules which every member should follow. Failure to follow rules consistently will result in a penalty. Just follow the rules, and keep it cool. Some rules may be copied from the BattleOn Forums, but they're necessary. These rules are subject to change.

1. No One-Liners - When you post, be sure it is at least a decent paragraph or more. A sentence or two is not an acceptable post. This rule is mainly to improve the quality of the RP and to help your skill.
2. No Bunnying, or Godmodding - Simply do not take control of someone else's character. If they give you permission - fine. But do NOT control what someone else's character says, does, or anything. Also, no godmodding. This is where your character is extremely Over Powered, be sure he handles his combat and ability as much as the other characters.
3. Always Follow the Host's Rules - Some host's will have special RP-Specific rules. If so, follow them or leave the RP.
4. No Profanity Against Users - Profanity in an RP IC is fine by me, depending on your character and their vulgarity. However, ANY profanity aimed towards another RPer is strictly prohibited.
5. No Flaming, and No Trolling, and No Spamming - Don't go around posting unnecessary topics. Every post should say and mean something. Do not flame other members, do not troll, and do not spam.
6. Referring - Feel free to invite and refer other members to out forums! This includes well-known friends from the BattleOn Forums and other forums. HOWEVER do not do anything or invite anyone to compromise the forum.
7. RP Limit - Try to have at MOST 2 RP's in a category. 2 Fantasy, 2 Sci-Fi, etc. Don't get out of hand with them please. And you may be in as many RP's as you'd like, but for your own sake - be careful.
8. Religion - Some people may find Religion a bad discussion. If you do discuss Religion, be easy and take care to notice the sensitiveness of others.
9. Inviting - Only invite people you know and people who will enrich our community. Ensure they're good at RPing, or ensure they have good potential.
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The Academy Rules
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